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    Sb 900

    posted before. see thread below http://www.clubsnap.com/forums/showthread.php?p=4538194#post4538194
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    S ä q i r l t . R e n d e z v o u s - Wake Up With Her

    u'll betray yr age! btw nice juice newton song
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    Entry Level DSLR Recommendation.

    I disagree. Once you have the d40 and you will know the differences. The iso performance is pretty good up to 1600. having a DSLR is having the flexibility of a DLSR system; add on flashes, lens options, more responsive camera, etc. the only constrain is the price point (actually it is so close...
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    Nikon User Kopi Session - 16 Jan Evening ?

    wasted! not free that day :(
  5. J

    Nikon User Kopi Session - 16 Jan Evening ?

    err parking at the flyer opposite is a killer if i am not wrong :bigeyes:
  6. J

    Love U by futagoza

    sorry to nitpit face = luv u body = stay yr distance hor think the two models tried hard but can tell they are not close .... hence not too convincing as per yr theme :) btw the usual comment will be that the legs chopped off, seemed over sharpened, blemish on guy's hand shld be ps...
  7. J

    SB800 Vs SB900

    if i am not wrong sd-8a can be used on the sb900. sd-9 cannot be used on the older models. look at what it can do :bigeyes: sd-9 manual pg.20 eneloop x8 recycling time 1sec flashes 520 lithium x8 recycling time 1.4sec flashes 840
  8. J

    External Battery Pack

    using AA ni-mh eneloop according to the specs, SD-9 min recycling time is 0.8sec 520 flashes!
  9. J

    Help needed with Remote Firing on SB900

    think there is a miscom when the manual mentioned it will not fire, it means it only triggers the pre-flash which will set off the remote; i.e. picture will not register the main flash. the only exception is the su-800 will utilizes infra red to trigger.
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    wow :bigeyes: nat geo moment!
  11. J

    Yellow cast in image

    could it be the flourescent lighting?
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    Nikon 70-300 VR

    ot a little :heart: the cats!!!!!
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    Nikon AFS 17-35mm vs 14-24mm

    ha ha same thinking here. mount 24-70 on fx, 17-55 on dx for events. get the 14-24 when u need to go really wide. 17-35 is to be considered if u fix it on your d700 most of the time.
  14. J

    Nikon User D700 Kopi Session - 25 Jul Fri - BK Millennia Walk

    wah piang lim kopi also need a bigger location :bigeyes:
  15. J

    Linda Loves Lighting

    nice work. model looked at ease
  16. J

    Nikon User D700 Kopi Session - 25 Jul Fri - BK Millennia Walk

    hee hee ... thks for all well wishes :) i will personally thank :devil: lumiere :devil: muahahaaa ... simi ns? 6 year never see no.4 liao! wait wait ... cannot say that, otherwise people think i am as old as PE! (siao liao.... may tio ban! :sweat:)
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    Recommend computer configuration for processing digital images?

    nowadays shld go for vista 64bit but the requirements are higher Q9300 is the successor for Q6600 (smaller cache but better efficiency. less power req) get motherboards with intel P45 chipsets or better (range from $200 plus) get tons of ram! ddr2 cheap so i suggest a min of 4gig* *...
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    Nikon User D700 Kopi Session - 25 Jul Fri - BK Millennia Walk

    :bigeyes::bigeyes::bigeyes: wat wat?????
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    Nikon User D700 Kopi Session - 25 Jul Fri - BK Millennia Walk

    wah so crowded! may turn up if i have the time lah but no promises :lovegrin:
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