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    Panasonic GF-1 : Rattling Sound

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    Panasonic GF-1 : Rattling Sound

    hi all GF-1 users, My fren bought a GF-1 recently and she's complaining that there is a soft rattling sound when she shake the camera body gently. It sounds very much like a loose piecepart within the camera, nearer to the ring cum sensor area. Any of the GF-1 users experienced this? If...
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    Is this safe?

    sorry, I can't help but to say this ..... Looking at the bank's name, I really no confidence .... icici sounds like ai see ai see .... going to die like dat.
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    S5 Pro: what CF cards? which is optimum?

    I have tried both Kingston 4GB CF 133x and 266x with no/little difference.
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    What is your favourite photography magazine?

    Digital Photo Pro UK Edition and 摄影之友 for me.
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    WTBuy: Others - Elinchrom Rotalux Softbox

    Advertisement Category: Want To Buy (WTB) Equipment Type: Others Equipment Brand: Elinchrom Equipment Model: Rotalux Softbox Budget (S$): - Description: Looking for Elinchrom Rotalux Softbox 100cm x 100cm or 50 x 130 or compatible mount softboxes. Please PM if you have an offer or know of...
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    did your air-con underperform this few days ?

    With this hot spell in Singapore, I think I had better stay in China for another week.
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    Sundown Marathon

    I heard that all the slots available for ultra-marathon have been taken up.
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    Two Boys

    Haven't been taking photos for quite a while. Here are my attempts at my two boys.
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    The sony ericsson bad experience

    I have the same problem as you, where my SE phone's software gets corrupted after 1 yr of usage and the phone had to reset it everytime.
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    Who's in Shanghai now?

    I dun think they are cheap there. Hong Kong cheaper. Went to shop at Huan Long next to Shanghai Train Station. 2nd and 3rd floor mainly camera shops. Two photography bookshops on the third, almost next to each other. The one along the main corridor is expensive, for instance, a book on portraits...
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    Who's in Shanghai now?

    Yes, it has been snowing like mad in Suzhou and Shanghai. Last time it snowed so heavily was like 1984 and it was only for a short period of time. This has already been going for a week liao, with only a bit of sunshine on Thursday. I was almost stuck at the Pudong airport on Sat. Flights...
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    Who's in Shanghai now?

    Just wondering who's in Shanghai right now. I kinda bored.
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    Kata bags pricelist

    Saw Sensitivity V at MS Color, priced at $130.
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    Before the Storm

    Nice nice! Is the dress designed by you as well?
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    I did PP the photos, including hair, but I made a point not to make it 100% perfect as I thought it would look a bit more natural this way.
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    Yup, you are right, to be more precise, it is a "photography enthusiast shooting a kindergarten teacher/amateur model". This should help answer both queries you had in mind.:bsmilie: To answer the rest of your doubts: She became my friend after the shoot and the shots were really planned...
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