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    Birds from Chinese Garden

    Just to share shots taken from Chinese Garden over the week. All taken with 30D and EF300F4 + 2X TC :) Black Cap Kingfisher Pied Triller Pied Fantail
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    Gong Xi Fa Cai to all in CS. Wishing one and all happiness, good health and prosperity in the year of the golden pig. Shots of Brown Shrike taken last week at Woodlands Town Garden. Thanks for viewing Canon 30D EF300MM F4 with Kenko 2X TC, ISO400, F11, Shutter 1/500, Exposure -1.7 EV...
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    Juv WBSE

    Hi, A shot of juvenile white belly sea eagle to share.... perched quite low but back lit and in shade. A so-so shot but was happy to see this bird at eye level. Here it is to share: Canon 30D EF300MM F4 + Kenko 2X TC, ISO800, F11, 1/250, Exposure -1, Flash -1 Thanks for viewing :)
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    Cattle Egret

    Pic of cattle egret from Jap Garden; thanks for viewing and C&c welcome :)
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    Straw-Headed Bulbul

    Hi, Shots of Straw-headed Bulbul taken from BBNP to share. Thanks for viewing and comments welcome ! :) Cheers
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    Birds from BBNP

    Shots taken yesterday at BBNP to share: 1) White crested laughing thrush 2) Woodpacker (Banded woodpacker?) Thanks for viewing and comments welcome !
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    Hi, A shot of Yellow Vented Bulbul to share: Cheers
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    Common Bird

    Hi, Shot of Yellow Vented Bulbul to share :) And shot of this fella... just find it cute. Thanks for viewing! Cheers
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    Bee Eater and KF shots

    Hi! Have been on duty travel and have not posted for awhile... hope everyone is well. At last I managed to catch the Bee Eater... I like this colourful bird but had no luck until now; managed to take this at Marina City Park. Just to share and C&C welcome on how I can improve...
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    MOG Shots

    Hi all, 2 newbie shots from MOG to share.... C&C would be most appreciated:) Cheers. [/IMG] [/IMG]
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    SFF "Show & Tell" Newbie Shots

    Hi. Sharing my first try shooting fashion show. Comments much appreciated. In particular must consult all the masters out there on lighting.... how do you avoid casting shadows when shooting such events? Not practical to use bounce card or diffuse cos don't think my flash can have the...
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    Help with Bird ID

    Hi, Heard so much about Punggol End, so went this morning to try my hand on bird photography.... not easy; takes alot of patience. Only managed one close up shot. Appreciate help with ID of the birds; many thanks. #1 This is a lucky shot really. This is one swift bird, probably...
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    Dust on Focusing Screen - E500

    Hi all, Just checking if anyone has problem with dust on focusing screen of the E500. I've tried using the blower to no avail. I searched the manual front to back but I don't see any instructions to remove the focusing screen for cleaning..... is there no way to clean it without having to...
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    Hi. Went to SBG a week ago... just want to share a couple of photos; the one below I thought was rather cute. This little girl was so excited when she saw this swan in swan lake she ran towards it. It's funny the swan was also swimming towards her and they ended up staring at each other, like...
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    Sungei Burol

    Hi. Just to share some pics on my trip to Sungei Burol. Comments to help me improve welcome! New to taking pics of nature..... [/IMG] [/IMG] [/IMG] [/IMG] Cheers
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    Portrait - Faith

    Hi, I've been reading portraits posted by members here for awhile and I must say the standard here is very high! Really envy the skills of members here, and have alot to learn. Here it is my first shot at portraits, so comments are much appreciated! :) Faith - I've emailed these shots...
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