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  1. diver-hloc

    Any old member around?

    Happy Lunar New Year
  2. diver-hloc

    Best countries to live in where you'll pay less tax

    And other countries are not ??
  3. diver-hloc

    Best countries to live in where you'll pay less tax

    Already known as a low tax country long ago... Why do you think one of the co-founder of Facebook willingly throw his US citizenship and move here...
  4. diver-hloc

    TV programs

    Only the wife and son still watching TV programs... too busy at home and at work to watch TV/Video on a TV itself... I use a small tablet as my phone... get my news from the internet... and watch my TV drama, News and/or Movies on my mobile device... Kind of wondering why nowadays still got...
  5. diver-hloc

    How to use 5 cent coin

    Not sure work or not... but I saw someone use up lots of 5-Cents coins at those self check-out counter at NTUC Fairprice... use those machine that accept both Notes/Coins and Cards...
  6. diver-hloc


    In short... YES... much as we'll be expecting the rooms to be provided with electricity, lighting and clean flowing water and toilet... I don't think in this day and age... A/C should cost so much more for patients...
  7. diver-hloc

    Ben Davis' NS deferment

    LOL.... Godwin's Law in action... hahaha...
  8. diver-hloc

    Ben Davis' NS deferment

    What SG lost is more than one NS man... what SG lost is the sense of fairness, and that anyone that has some skill and personal ambition... could skip/defer his/her national responsibility when they so chooses.... while others with less 'skills', will be expected to do their NS. I'll bet good...
  9. diver-hloc

    Ben Davis' NS deferment

    IMHO.... No... especially after his father threaten to 'throw' citizenship if he don't get his wish....
  10. diver-hloc

    Question for Ah Long-san

    If the Ah Long is stupid and accept such type of 'guarantor'... then please give me lobang to that Ah Long.... Stupid Ah Long don't survive in the business for long.... they usually need the guarantor to come down in person with his/her physical ID card (not just number and address) to get the...
  11. diver-hloc

    What are the basic things that you need to provide to rent out your hdb room?

    A better question would be... how much more $$$$ could you ask for in rent... between an empty room... and a room with cupboard, mattress and other stuffs...
  12. diver-hloc

    Huawei P20 Pro

    Depending on the price... but unlikely I'll be one of those getting it... I have a certain requirements for my phone/tablet... and a super-duper camera isn't that high on my list....
  13. diver-hloc

    National Service

    Except for those who knows nothing but Peace.... hardly understand the need to prepare for War... something that so many people around the World comes to regard....
  14. diver-hloc

    National Service

    I guess if its no longer mandatory... highly unlikely that people will want to volunteer for it... or at least not in enough numbers that could keep SAF 'fighting fit' as the saying goes.... Is NS necessary ?? I would said Yes... some would said No... LOL... only you would refer to NS as a...
  15. diver-hloc

    Sand Bars?

    The country have be reclaiming land from the seas aince independence... but due to SG being located in a very very busy shipping zone... there is only so much land we could reclaim without blocking or affecting international shipping. FIY... the casio that is Marina Bay Sands and Garden By The...
  16. diver-hloc

    Benro Tripod Serving Center

    Thxs... will look around for it....
  17. diver-hloc

    Benro Tripod Serving Center

    Just an update.... Thxs to ClubSNAPer - shierwin - suggestion... and the help of a headlamp... I managed to take out the 4 pieces of plastic sleeves... and reassemble the plastic in the correct setting (using another leg as an example)... and had that damaged section repaired... no more field...
  18. diver-hloc

    Benro Tripod Serving Center

    Thxs... tried that already... those plastic bits seems to be in bad condition and doesn't sit into the position... have to wait till tomorr after work to try fixing it again....
  19. diver-hloc

    Benro Tripod Serving Center

    Was shooting the Super Moon tonight and discover one of the leg section of my Benro tripod can't be collapse after I open it up... tried to do some repair back home.... but somehow just got that section struck.... When Google to search for a Benro serving centre in SG.... turn out there...
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