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  1. saymell

    Bean Bag for low level shots

    A creative idea for those low level shots. http://www.instructables.com/id/Camera-Bean-Bag/:)
  2. saymell

    [dingaroo] Sunday Sunrise Morning Shoot @ Esplanade

    (L - R) ???, ???, ???, cookisnap, saymell, dleugene, dingaroo, ???, ???, ENDorphins, korbidp3k, Mrs. Scubagolfer, Mr. Scubagolfer, wildcat, ahkok
  3. saymell

    [dingaroo] Sunday Sunrise Morning Shoot @ Esplanade

    Thanks Dingaroo. Anyway, I just sms'ed you before posting, hope its OK. See ya' guys tomorrow. :)
  4. saymell

    [dingaroo] Sunday Sunrise Morning Shoot @ Esplanade

    I just saw this outing post. If its not too late, may I join please? Thanks. :)
  5. saymell

    Dragonfly @ Botanical Garden

    Thanks of all your comments. Any suggestions to eliminate softness? Thanks again. :)
  6. saymell

    Dragonfly @ Botanical Garden

    Dragonfly @ Botanical Garden. Critiques are welcomed.
  7. saymell

    Cheers... Mate

    Nice catch with detail. :)
  8. saymell

    ... Wrong Mama ...

    Very dramatic. Great subject. :)
  9. saymell

    Explored new macro shooting ground near my workplace.

    Nice series Vic. I like Pic #7 best. Whats behind the JS in Pic #4, it looks like a slug to me? Thanks. :)
  10. saymell

    [ Rubbish Thread ] Why so many people use canon rather than olympus?

    In '07 I saw Olympus ads in our local newspapers. The cameras advertised were e-510 & e-410 were so beautiful, the controls are so intuitive, the size so miniature in comparison to other brands that even a lady handles it with ease. It was also value for money, built-in ultrasonic cleaning...
  11. saymell

    The Gila Dance

    I could have easily mistake this for an ant if not for this post. Nice series of shots. :)
  12. saymell

    My first ever hoverfly plus other assorted shots

    Nice picture of the damselfly there Vic. I like the colours. :)
  13. saymell

    Bugs of Chinese Garden

    Looks like a fruitful day for you Vic. Nice shots there. Thanks for the refreshment & company. :)
  14. saymell

    Dragonfly & jumping spider @ Chinese Garden

    Thank you my bros for your valuable comments. I very much appreciate them. :)
  15. saymell

    I like the "pose"

    I like the 2nd & 3rd pic. :)
  16. saymell


    Nice shots there. Was it shot with a Raynox added bro? :)
  17. saymell

    one handheld shot

    Thats one fantastic shot. :)
  18. saymell

    Dragonfly & jumping spider @ Chinese Garden

    Chinese Garden Outing. Ill-equipped in lighting. Critiques please. Thanks Ben. {Dragonfly} {Jumping Spider}
  19. saymell

    Macro Close-Up photography {Newbis} Gatherings at chinese garden

    Re: Macro Close-Up photography {Newbis} Gatherings at chinese garden 1} Benjamin {peterpan} 2} Dykat2009 (David) 3} Wwooaahh (Henry) 4} chvictor (Victor) Wow! excited to meet all of you guys. Might need to leave early @11. 5} flatline (Yj) (1st try at macro though) 6} cannon2010 (Stanley)...
  20. saymell

    4/3 Outing?

    Guys, the Kampung Lor Buangkok shoot will be postpone till further notice. Likely date will be 12 Apr. Weather Forecast: http://app.nea.gov.sg/cms/htdocs/article.asp?pid=1093 Add your names to the list and indicate your preferred date and place...
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