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    External Flash

    How to use and maximise the potential of an external flash? I saw 'Stofen Omnibounce' appeared in many threads. What is it for? Can anyone help?
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    Current price of Metz 32Z1/Nikon SB24

    Anyone know how much they cost?
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    Current price of TL-FX9

    Does anyone know the current price of TL-FX9?
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    How to take a clear picture of a fast moving object...

    Newbie here. I am using S602Z. How do I take a clear picture of a fast moving object when I max out my zoom and attached a TL-FX9? The place is well lit. Can anyone give some advice? I just can't get a clear shot.
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    Crumpler Bags

    Where did you guys get your Crumpler bags from? I want to know which shop have the most... don't want to waste my trip.
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    Fujifilm WL-TX9

    Anyone knows how much it cost? Where to get it at the best price? Thanks! :)
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    Storing batteries!

    Where do you all store your batteries? In dry cabinet along with your other stuffs?
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    What Dry Cabinet did you guys get?

    Can recommend some??:gbounce:
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    Pure newbie got his S602Z

    Newbie here! I've just bought my S602Z. Do I use a filter to protect my lens? If yes, can recommend some? Is the SLIK U9000 good enough for a newbie? If no, please recommend some too. Can recommend some Compact Flash too? I prefer 256mb to 512mb... How about a dry cabinet? I need...
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    Where have all the S602Z gone to??

    Can't seem to find it leh... Lots of shops bo stock liao~ Anyone saw it?
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    Recommend Tripod Stands

    Can anyone recommend a tripod for S602Z??
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    Where to get it??

    Where to get S602Z?? I went to Alan Photo today... no stock! Last one was sold yesterday... Can anyone tell how much and where else to get it? (At a best price)
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    Where to get S602Z?

    Where to get it at the best price?? Can tell me the price too?? I'm getting it tomorrow... Thanks!
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    Compact Flash

    What brand of compact flash do you guys get?
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    S45 Owners! Help me!

    How much did you guys paid for your S45? PLEASE tell me the price and from which shop did you buy your camera? I would dearly love to get my hands on it! THANKS!
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    Tripod Stand

    Can anyone recommend some tripod stands??
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    Canon S45 ???

    Can anyone make some comments on this camera?
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    Recommendations for Digital Cameras??

    Can anyone recommend some good digital cameras? I'm thinking of getting one. Price is not a problem. Can anyone? Thanks!
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