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    Alpha Lens Library by Sony

    missed that...
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    Alpha Lens Library by Sony

    Sony Singapore - Alpha Lens Library
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    Types of memory card for Alpha100

    So far never heard about other type of compact flash except type I & II. CompactFlash - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    Comiket 82 @ Tokyo Big Sight, Japan

    Thanks for sharing, what a great chance to be able to Shoot in Japan, Which seem to be more acceptable in wearing revealing cloth than Sg.
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    Sony DSC-RX100

    The bounce flash is cool for in-door condition :cool: I feel that it's much better than my old LX3 for the image quality (high ISO), bokeh, bounce flash and video. But need some time to get use to the handling of the camera, I do wish that it's touch screen interface..... Sometime feel that it...
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    Got my RX 100

    Congrat, wonder what will the price be here compare to Hong Kong. Tempting to get one also.
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    Sony DSC-RX100

    Interesting compact camera, probably good replacement to my old LX3. review fromSony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 Camera - Review
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    SONY A33 compatible lenses

    if both Tamron lens are made for Sony or Minolta Alpha mount or A mount then yes. If they are for other mount like Canon EF-mount and Nikon F-mountetc then no.
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    My home Singtel land line was dead

    lately my Singnet connection also face a lot of problem, sometime lost connection or become very very slow.
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    Sony NEX 5 Newbie Reporting !

    Can join other forumer for outing & learn from them, try Sony/Konica-Minolta or ********* user forum at
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    DSLR vs DSLT

    for 2, Sony SLT (A33 or A55) mirror are both movable for dust cleaning.
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    DSLR vs DSLT

    sure there are differences, remember saw some discussion in Sony forum here. DSLR OVF is better than DSLT EVF DLST has the best video focusing speed for DSLR camera at the moment. DSLT is lighter and smaller, grip may be too small to some, but loss 1/3 of light, so ISO noise will be slightly...
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    Haze from sumatra.......

    now the PSI Readings for PM 10 is 78, really quite bad.
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    Fisheye Option for Sony APSC

    Sony or Minolta own 16mm f/2.8.
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    A700 -> a55 slt.......

    full frame with slt, interesting idea. full frame penta mirror can be very heavy. but evf can't really match ovf.