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    Pictorial Singapore project (updating everyday)

    I would like to say thanks for the pictures. I live in Germany and these pictures make me so homesick! I can't wait to come home.
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    Internet cafes in London that offer cd-burning

    Thats really nice of you, offering to lend to a stranger. Really appreciate it but i think i will just look around for shops that allow cd-burning, since apparently they are quite common. I would be spending 3 lazy weeks wandering around London anyway.
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    Internet cafes in London that offer cd-burning does that work? Shouldn't it be price per cd/card or something? Thanks.
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    Internet cafes in London that offer cd-burning

    Thats not an option for me cos i'm already not in Singapore. Thanks.
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    Internet cafes in London that offer cd-burning

    Okay, i will be in London for about 3 weeks. I have a 2 Mpixels digital camera and i only have about 300MB of Smart media storage. Obviously not enough. What i have in mind is to pop into an internet cafe when the cards are full and burn a cd. I reckon i will need to do this about 2 or 3 times...
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    Edinburgh, Scotland

    Hi, i thought the uni is about 550 years old. The current site was started some time in the 19th century i think. I might be wrong. Edinburgh is nice and is the capital but Glasgow is not too bad as well. It's just 45 minutes train ride from Edinburgh and is much bigger. There're lotsa...
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    WTS: Return of the Condor Heroes VCD Boxed Set (47 VCDs)

    You quoted the wrong female lead actress.
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    What would you do if you see ...

    Suggestion for who? For me, i will not sit in a crowded train.
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    What would you do if you see ...

    Seldom happen to me; It irritates me having people standing in front of me while i'm sitting, be it any situation.
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    Morning Market Shoot

    The following comments come from a local vegetable seller: You should ask the market folks first before you take photos of them while they are doing their work. You wouldn't like people to take photos of you while you are working right?
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    Nice nice. I'm also planning to visit those stones soon.
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    MO: RipVan100/Maha/Sanyo Chargers/Batteries (Sanyo 800mAh NiMH AAA now available!)

    Eastgear, do you sell Smart media cards? I need a couple of cheap 128MB ones.
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    Join Us Now : The Olympus Camedia Digital Camera Resource Thread

    Wah, Jayan, i didn't know there's a "ranking" system for Olympians! :bsmilie:
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    What's the cheapest camera (non-disposable) you ever bought?

    -Must not be disposable type -First hand, new Mine cost $5 in 1987, uses the old 110 type film and does not employ any electronics. Film rewinding is manual and its really small and simple. I think its called a Tom Thumb or something. I don't know thats the brand or the model. I had since...
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    My new photo gallery

    Did a major overhaul of the contents of my pbase gallery. Now contain mostly pistures i took while i was in the UK. Please feel free to comment about the pictures or to chat about the stuffs. Also i'd like your comments about what i did to my pictures, that is to make them small and...