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    Battery in DSLR

    So do I leave my battery in dslr or not
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    Battery in DSLR

    DO I remove my battery from DSLR if I do not use for 3 to 6 months??? Will the battery discharge like those batteries in the markets AA type ? Thanks
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    Anyone would kind to share the schedule for the ndp 2016 fireworks
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    Star Awards

    Anyone shoot hall of fame ?? Today at new building ???
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    Anyway still dun understand why ppl like to take pics with phones ??can produce good photos meh
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    My 2 cents imo . The event photographer sucks . Jolin 's concert he dun even know how to anticipate Jolin 's movement
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    Pns with high optical zoom are always handy when comes to concert Once I smuggle my 150 -500 f5-6,3 to shoot n still kena catch But the photos are really worth I think our home just cannot shoot concert with dslr
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    SEA Games Fireworks

    Shoot fireworks tonight ???
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    Amateur Deep Sky Imaging from Malaysia

    Poison, but I love
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    FHM Top 10 2015

    Quality drop
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    Andy Hui Come On HK Concert 2015

    So nice can take photos in hk, unlike in sg
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    Chinese countdown fireworks

    S there countdown fireworks tonight @ MBs ????????
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    Above All

    Ts , your shots are superb ! May I know where do stay at ? Time for me to relocate
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    Singapore Motor Show 2015 at SuntecCity...!!

    Your watermark is rather distracting