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    Blatant theft of photographic works to fake a portfolio - shimmeryphotography

    On the website it's stated his address is 16 Golden Drive (S) 554644 Private housing in Singapore.
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    Looking for models (freelance or new) - male and female

    Thank you all who have expressed your interest, the models have been found!
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    Looking for models (freelance or new) - male and female

    Hi all, I'm looking for 1 male model and 1 female model for an apparel shoot. Requirements: - No prior experience in shoots needed. As long as you are comfortable and naturally in front of the mirror and camera. - Ladies will need to do their own make up, light make up is sufficient...
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    Macro Users... Mosquitoes Questions...

    Yups, when I was actively shooting nature macros, I don't apply anything, I usually come out with >20 bites all over hands, legs and neck. Especially if a rare species of certain types is in season and I only have that few hours during weekends to shoot it before I'll miss the whole season...
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    WTBuy: Filter - Hoya HD 72mm

    Still looking. trying to get before Sunday.
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    WTBuy: Filter - Hoya HD 72mm

    Forgot to state; Looking for the UV not cirpol. Thanks
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    WTBuy: Filter - Hoya HD 72mm

    Advertisement Category: Want To Buy (WTB) Equipment Type: Filter Equipment Brand: Hoya Equipment Model: HD 72mm Budget (S$): Quote Description: Looking for new or good condition hoya HD 72mm. Please quote. Real Name: UK Warranty Status: to be advised Additional Comments: SMS me at...
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    Time lapse on eos 500D

    IIRC, I don't think your 500D can take the TC-80N3, it's a different connector. How it works exactly like your EOS utility, at the set timing, it will send the signal to trigger the shutter. Anyway, wrong forum..
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    Photoaid XXVI: Keep on Lubbing.. and Shooting!

    alamak so last minute..
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    mui thai or wushu stronger?

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    How to add a fresh meaning to your profession?

    if you take the sqaure out, there is still a box you have taken out and the tendency is to get back into it. You need to get life coach to help you evaluate your life goals work values, if you find yourself unmotivated at work or doing the things you are doing now. Chances are that your work is...
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    Pay it forward

    wah~! who so nice huh?
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    An old member says G'day .. yes he is alive.

    Welcome come back!! will all the drama-mama old timers come back again? Take care! You WILL recover and come back kick some /\55 again!
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    Good line of lens to have?

    There is nothing wrong, but I have no idea why you keep insisting that there is a "stereotype that newbie must use cheap equipment first" I have not seen anyone saying that. Is that your own perception that was formed when you started photography? Can you point to me a few of the many...
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    Good line of lens to have?

    wai's statement is talking about understanding the basics first before dishing out hard earned money needlessly to learn photography in. Your comprehension of his statement is skewed towards your own opinion. It should compared more like "Knowing how to drive first, rather than thinking of...