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    Fujifilm announces Ver 4.00 firmware update for X-T1 with overhauled AF system.

    I think they did mention it will be launched on the 29th June, but not sure which time zone it is 😁
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    Check market price range of XE-1

    Can try browsing the Buy & Sell section to give you a rough idea
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    Fuji 35mm or Touit 32mm

    IIRC the Touit lens are made by Cosina in Japan for Zeiss.
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    XF 10-24 price check: How much can I sell it for?

    Check the BnS section for the asking price. Most probably around $1k to $1.1k, higher if you include high quality UV filter
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    the new Fujifilm XF50-140/2.8

    Should try the usual suspects like TK, SLRR, Alan, etc
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    fuji nissin i40

    Just contacted their big store. Confirmed $240, incl GST. :cool: Thanks for the update bro
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    fuji nissin i40

    Not doubting you on the info. :) I'm more worried they accidentally quoted the wrong price on the phone. Do update us on the price once you collected your's later. If really is $240, thinking of getting mine as well in the evening cheers,
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    fuji nissin i40

    If S$240 is really a brilliant price, considering B&H is selling it for US$269 Will call TK and SLRR in the afternoon to confirm on the price. I was expecting >$300 considering the US street price
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    WTSell: Others - M42 adapters M42 to FX, M42 to m4/3

    m4/3 sold to a nice bro Thread CLOSED!
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    WTSell: Filter - Haida 72mm slim CPL & ND

    Both filters SOLD to a nice bro. Thread closed!
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    WTSell: Others - M42 adapters M42 to FX, M42 to m4/3

    FX adapter SOLD to a nice bro m4/3 adapter still available
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    Fuji 10-24 vs Touit 12

    Agree with you. If TS tend to shoot landscape between 10-12mm range, keep the 10-24. For me, after a few outing I'm still not used to the FOV at 10mm and decided to sell the 10-24
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    WTSell: Filter - Haida 72mm slim CPL & ND

    Advertisement Category: Want To Sell (WTS) Equipment Type: Filter Equipment Brand: Haida Equipment Model: 72mm slim CPL & ND Price (S$): $60, $50 Description: Mint condition, never used 72mm slim filters. Comes with original packaging 1x Haida Slim Multi-coating Circular Polarizing...
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    WTSell: Filter - Haida 67mm slim CPL & ND

    Correction! 72mm, instead of 67mm