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  • Hi there Velasco,

    Wow... I didnt even know this site has this conversation thinghy... Its very cool... Anyway, thanks for your feedback. I'm quite fortunate that my job requires me to travel and with that, I do get to take some pictures from different parts of the world.
    As for the post processing, I'm still learning bro.. Still doing plenty of trial and error. I do learn a lot from feedbacks from people. Again, thanks for dropping by.

    Btw, I'm Ari... and your name is..? Maybe you can show me around when I'm in SG. hahaha...
    Hey there velasco.. I didn't sell away my S5IS.. it's my backup camera.. no way i'm selling man! hahahaha.. Anyway, I don't think i'll sell too as its a birthday prezzie..

    Anyway, you wanted to know where the kampong is? Well, its at Gerald Drive, quite near to bowen sec.

    Hello there...
    still looking for 450D?
    anyway whats your budget?
    here's some shot i took with it...
    seldom use mine due to FYP -.-
    Hi velasco,
    I got a brand new 450D kit ( 18-55mm IS ) with warranty and it is well below your original budget of $1200
    U can me +60187619668 (JB)
    i'm sure u will not regret...
    Hi velasco, sorry to bother u but i happen to see that u're staying in pasir ris, same here.

    As mentioned in the forum, I'm having problem loading up CHDK into my SD card. So I thot that if u could perhaps help me on this issue, i'd be greatly appreciative.

    I'm still very new to my camera but am determined to make gd use of it.

    Anyway, my name is Kelvin and my mobile is 98201295. Should u tink its betta to speak over the fone, please do no hesitate to call me.

    Hope to hear from u soon.

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