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    LX5 - Availability in Singapore & elsewhere

    When is the LX 5 arriving onto our shores?
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    How do I get started with Lomo photography

    Can somebody enlighten me what the "110" on the Holga 110 Micro camera means? Are the films for this camera readily available and how much to process each roll?
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    I think wait for the coming IT show to see if theres any promos going on.
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    Hi guys.... Anybody have the latest deals/promos going on for G9? WHat about the promo by OCBC? --> $849.05 for Canon G9 + 2GB SD + Camera case + screen protector + mini tripod + digital kit bag
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    4R size?

    Anybody can enlighten me on the size (in cm) for 4R photo on PS? Thanks
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    For Sale TESTING...........

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    Price of Transcend 45x 256/512MB

    Where did you bought it?
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    Is Minolta digital camera good?

    I am thinking of buying this model of Minolta Xt digital camera. Is it a nice model to buy? Is the function good also?
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    Popular Digital Cameras

    What are some of the more popular DC for beginners to the world of digital photography? I am looking at the Canon, Fujifilm, Nikon currently. If there are any other popular brands out there, can also recommend to me. Thanks.
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    Tripod recommendations

    "same price of the camera" :eek: My camera is about $500 ! Isn't it abit too wasteful to get a tripod of about $500? :eek: :eek:
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    Tripod recommendations

    Slik SDV-10 @ S$35.00 Was quoted the above model for use with Canon A70. Anybody care to comment on the above tripod? Is it suitable for Canon A70?
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    Vignet in OEM but not in Canon original......?

    I just recieved a equote from mscolor today. I requested for the price of OEM A70 lens adapter. Mscolor replied saying that OEM lens adapter will cause vignetting in the images but not for CANON original adapter. Wonder if there is any truth in their reply. Would appreciate if somebody can...
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    Market Price of SD or MMC cards?

    Any body out there can advise on the market price of 128MB or 256MB SD or MMC cards? :gbounce:
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    MO !! New Pricing for TRANSCEND 30x 512MB Compact Flash Card !! Must Buy :-) !!

    Hi is the 256 mb card available? Also how much it costs?