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    so cute lol :bsmilie:
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    A Little tune of Bossa Nova ::

    master of portraits... as usual :hearts:
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    [UandMe] A photo sometimes 2011

    恭喜发财! 05 Feb 2011 Happy Chinese New Year to all!
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    lengend of fist ( review

    Disappointing final fight, and those standing on tall building, looking down like a superhero scenes are just pure stupidity to me. Also, the image of Chen Zhen they tried to portray in this movie simply doesn't fit the Bruce Lee version, which is why many people laughed when Donnie Yen...
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    Hitler Finds Out about his NS Recognition Award

    really funny :bsmilie::bsmilie: one of the better Hitler sproofs :thumbsup:
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    shameless couple

    these 2 are really win man... :bigeyes:
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    So who complained to the ministers that our trains are too packed?

    i thought Mr Goh should say something like "If no complaints, then I worry."
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    shameless couple

    maybe they thought it is, but never realized a CSer with a 500mm lens is living across the block :bsmilie:
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    Help on buying diamond ring....

    absolutely no investment value...
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    shameless couple

    looks like kids :think:
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    National Service Recognition Award : National Day Rally

    S'pore is the only place in the world where people feel scared whenever the govt is giving out money :bsmilie:
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    You can plan but nature always has its way around you ..... =(

    seriously kenna played out by 老天爷。。。 get well.
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    Sim Lim shop quotes me $968 price tag -- for a $70 camera lens

    not discussing whether the victim got do research on the price or not... i just wonder how she got recommended this thing. she mentioned she went SLS specifically to get a new lens, surely she got some range of lens in mind and not just walk in and asked "can you recommend me any lens for my...
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    Any photographers experienced 'model' problems?

    you did well to come out and warn others on such irresponsible model lurking around, can't see how your thread has offended anyone at all but well, such things happen in forums. yup, everyone is entitled to their own views but when someone starts to attack a person's character based on his...
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    National Service Recognition Award : National Day Rally

    sometimes this is not very true. You never heard before "give you an egg, take back a whole chicken"? :bsmilie: