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    Olympus to sell off camera division

    I have been lurking around reading your commentaries about M43. I am a sony user. Olympus and Panasonic did a fantastic job with M43 and i recalled people derided me for buying a sony DSLR (everybody makes a better DSLR) and later a NEX5 (its a toy). I bought A7R without hesitating as i thought...
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    Manual Focus Lens

    I have been using manual focus lenses on my Sony A7r for the longest time. Collected quite a few lenses but 1 tend to stand out simply because of it's versatility - Minolta 28-85 F3.5-22 MC. Built like a tank with a fantastic feature - 1:4 to 1:10 macro mode. Posting some photos I took recently...
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    What system are you using now?

    Started with Sony, Still with Sony. Collected quite a handful of film bodies from KM and Minolta along with lenses.
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    Need help regarding photo sharpness.

    Another possibility: DSLR has a mirror to reflect light to an AF module. It needs to be calibrated WRT the lens. The problem may lay with the sensor positioning wrt the AF module and it might be the lens. Some camera bodies have micro adjustments by lens ID that users may set to achieve accurate...
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    Sony A7/(r) image sharing thread #3

    Shots straight out of camera?
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    Article - Why Sony’s Full Frame Pro Mirrorless Was a Fatal Mistake

    After Sony decided that it is impossible to compete in DSLR segment in traditional form, it created 2 technological path - DSLT and Mirrorless (NEX). A slew of products came pouring out in rapid succession to test the market and refine their offering. This of course is my humble observation of...
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    What fully mechanical slr camera

    I believe dynax 7 is. Dynax/Maxxum 9 has an upgrade option subsequently to be compatible.
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    What fully mechanical slr camera

    If I recall correctly, since you posted on Sony/Minolta forum, the only Minolta camera that fit your bill are SRT series. Those are very old but solidly built. Yes, it is fully mechanical. Works without batteries. If you are looking for film SLR cameras that are manual focus, you can find them...
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    Matt Granger ditches Sony due to poor service

    Singapore is such a small island city. Nothing compared to the land mass of Australia. My experience with Sony service center was pretty good but that's years ago. Told them I wanted to calibrate my A500 before I head off for holidays. They arranged for me to drop off and collect in tuas then...
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    Sony A7/(r) image sharing thread #3

    Love the images!
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    External Battery source for Sony Camera

    There are many details in USB standards. The Powerbank belongs to a category called Power Delivery. It belongs to a category that allows the connected device to request for higher voltage & current for faster charging, the highest is 20V @ 5A delivering 100W. The common measure for a Powerbank...
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    Sony A7/(r) image sharing thread #3

    Welcome onboard!
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    Once you adapt A6000 with LA-EA4 adapter, the AF module of LA-EA4 cuts in. The AF points are spread in the center. I am not sure what you mean by not working but I believe you might be experiencing this.
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    Mirrorless vs DSLR -- Debunking The Mirrorless Hype

    What do you shoot? Sports? If you are using for landscape and posed shots, A7R EVF should be fine. Try using the LCD to frame and EVF for fine focus.