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    How best to convert a picture into a symbol in Photoshop?

    Illustrator, freehand, or at least Flash. Much easier and effective to start off then using photoshop. :think:
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    Build me a new rig, suggestions?

    There's no such thing as "latest technology". It's a sales gimmick widely used by vendors to earn more. :confused: As mentioned, just get something you need. 8800gts is a good card. ;p
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    Jay Chou 2008 SG Concert

    Given a chance, I'll rather dance with the Salsa dancer. :p
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    Jay Chou 2008 SG Concert

    Actually I sort of regretted for even bringing a toy cam. I didn't manage to really enjoy the concert, whole nite keep thinking should I/can I snap this, should I snap that, and felt so frustrated after I didn't snap any. :p My next concert I'll probably get a nice seating on the side, bring...
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    Web host and photo browser recommendations

    1. Frankly speaking, no point getting a, or .sg, you are paying like 3-5 times more for no significant purposes. Even if the .com is not available, try to play around with words and get something close. 2. Too many to list, in terms of stability, speed and speed,
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    NgeeAnn Poly open house on 18th jan - SPOP HURRAY !!

    Root to all evil... you can find out more here,
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    Jay Chou 2008 SG Concert

    Nice pics you have!! I only managed to "smuggle" in a toy cam... :cry:
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    Vios vs Jazz

    Personally I find it more comfortable driving a Jazz, in terms of compartment space and driving on the road. Vios - Honda - Rojak - Not sure if there is a club for Jazz only. :think: You gotta narrow down...
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    dslr in concert

    Don't think they'll let you in. Almost everyone will claims that they'll not take it out from the bag. :think:
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    what to do with noise when shooting raw?

    No worries. :)
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    what to do with noise when shooting raw?

    Duplicate thread merged.
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    Taking next friday off?

    Me me me!! Going outta town. ;p
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    Looking for Models & Make Up Artists

    Reminder to all members, please post only if you are interested in the service offered. Any unrelated postings will be removed without any prior notice. Thank you for your cooperation. Moderator Marketplace
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    Who is learning driving now?

    You can try here, :think:
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    Finger Licking Good

    I like this comment “古有佛跳墙,今有肯德基” :bsmilie: