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    Black & White film

    i mean i find that true b&w films like tri-x are starker in contrast, tcn gives a more pleasing tonality overall. depends on what you like and what you want to get. perhaps what you can do is to shoot off a roll of tcn and tri-x and then compare the results.
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    Black & White film

    i personally quite like the kodak tcn, i find it gives you shades of gray tones rather than contrast black & white, if you like that kind of effect. and cheaper's always excellent when shooting film...
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    Photographer needed for a happy occasion

    Cameras not allowed in the family courts, sorry. There's a nice flight of steps just outside the entrance where you can set up if you want, though... nicely framed by the metal railings and the colonial entrance arch and pillars.
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    formula to calculate the last alphabet of veh no plate

    it works for licence plate nos. with lesser digits as well, like motorcycles etc. you just have to leave the first box empty... cool!
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    is it true?

    If you really need to know, under the articles of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations and the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations, as adopted by Singapore under the Diplomatic and Consular Relations Act, yes, diplomatic immunity is granted, but can be waived by the State which...
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    polaroid cameras

    Polaroid is a brand in itself. Fuji also makes instant-film cameras, i think they're branding it under Fuji Instax or something like that. You can still find Polaroid 1200 or 600 cameras. The 1200-film cameras are usually of the Spectra range, and the 600 cameras can be anything from Polaroid...
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    Supreme Court Lights ?

    they probably turned it off for a while to run pre-flight checks on the UFO.
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    Someone called me a "prostitute" in Town

    She might not be able to help it: Symptoms of tourettes.. or she could just be really nasty. At least it made your life interesting for a moment, hey?
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    -= What are you listening to now? =-

    Me too! ok, just switched to michelle lewis - nowhere and everywhere
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    Anyone been to Vis-a-Vis restaurant?

    Dinner for 2 will set you back about $75 (appetizers, mains, desserts) not counting wine. I'd recommend the miso cod (sebastian's specialty) and valrhona's or pie with lavender ice-cream. here's their webbie: http://www.hotel1929.com/dining/ember.htm you could just ask them for their daily...
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    What really happens when...

    it sure sounds like some kind of alcoholic drink, right? I mean, if i go to a bar or pub and tell the bartender to "put the lime in the coconut", will he actually do it and give me something I can drink? Is there a name to it, ie. like a screwdriver, a collins, a gimlet etc. etc. or is it like...
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    What really happens when...

    ... you put the lime in the coconut and you drink it all up? Anyone knows? I've done a google on it, and i'm not getting any hits that help. (For those who have no idea what the song's about, here it is: Coconut - Harry Nilsson
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    Anyone been to Vis-a-Vis restaurant?

    go to restaurant ember at hotel 1929, but call ahead.
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    UFO at Istana?

    if it's in the rest of your photos, then... they're watching you!
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    CSers posts getting emotional and argumentative lately

    you're right!!! uhhh... mmm, paradox.... :confused:
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