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    Another Victim at Sim Lim Square

    Tourist traps. Locals will usually avoid the shops at 1st/2nd storeys. Nowadays nothing much to shop there. Funan will be a better choice.
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    Where are all the old snappers

    Pop in to do a search for camera repair and saw this thread. The old timers are really.... "godfather".... to xmm now?
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    G15 v S110

    Check out youtube DigitalRev TV where Kai and Lok did some challenges on G15 vs S110.
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    Tokina 11-16 Travel Photography - Landscape only or can include people?

    Hey, try using your UWA at home first before taking it out for a tour. Take some pictures of people with it and see if you like the distortion. There isn't any 'standard' rule when it comes to travel photography. Be it people or landscape... or even lens! I used to use a 35mm on a crop DSLR for...
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    Today's experience at Funan

    Singapore is too small a market. I hope i don't have to pay sky high price from brick and mortar shops here. Guess there are enough of the 2 kinds of customers to keep both kinds of shops afloat. Those that sell cheap without service and those that offer reasonable price with better service.
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    Wedding Dinner with 450D+17-55 f2.8 + 430EXII?

    Turn it down. However, your setup is fine for events photography.
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    Old EOS 5 system (film)

    yes, they do. what's wrong with your camera?
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    New to cs... Evaluative metering

    I using a 50D. by default when you had chosen a focus point and you half-depress shutter, you lock both focus and exposure. Of course you can change that in custom function. As for evaluative metering, in simple english :- means it's Canon metering design to guess what's your main subject. It...
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    Any discount at Olympus Service Centre?

    Any one been to Olympus Service centre recently? Do they offer any discount for new cameras in the event that it's not "economical" to repair you old oly cam? I have a few compacts (film and digital) lying around.
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    suitable prime lens for 7D

    I think 30/f1.4 or 35/f2 is a good one to add to your collection. I'm using 35/f2 for years now. It's the most used lens for my kind of shooting. And it still works with FF SLR, thus i did not get the 30/f.14.
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    WTSell: SLR - Canon EOS 500 + tokina 19-35mm lens (film + wide angle)

    Specs of the Lens:- http://www.ephotozine.com/article/Tokina-1935mm-f3545-4487 No fungus on this well build lens. For those thinking of buying the lense for DSLR, take note autofocus is definitely slower than Canon USM. Due to multiple PM asking whether the lens is for sale...
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