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  • Nick & Full Name: steadyshot - Kalvin Lee
    Contact Number:96819963
    Item Description/Quantity:
    1. Phottix Battery Grip BP-450D (BG-E5) Premium Series - For Canon 450D + 2 pcs LP-E5 Batteries x 1
    2. Apollo Gaffer Tape - 2 Metre x 3
    3. Phottix Premium Series Li-on Rechargeable High Performance Battery
    4. LP-E5, 1080mAh - For Canon 450D x 1
    Total $133

    I would like to order one piece of EW-60C and one piece of ET-60.


    Thank you
    Nick & Name: 26Oct - Chin Wee
    Contact Number:98897227

    Item Description/Quantity:
    1. Pop-up Flash Diffuser (white dome) - QTY = 1
    2. Cloth Diffuser - Qty = 1

    Do you have Hard Case Diffuser to Sigma Flash EF 530 DG ST?
    Hey, i would like to have the Phottix Cleon Wired/Wireless Remote Set only. Already bought a EN-EL3e. Thanks!
    Nick & Name:Daedalus Trent
    Contact Number: 93909115
    Item Description/Quantity:
    1.Pop-up Flash Diffuser (white/orange/blue domes)
    Quantity: 1

    2.Phottix Hard Case Diffuser Mode SB-600
    Quantity: 1
    Nick & Name:Cairnjose - Eric
    Contact Number:94351153
    Item Description/Quantity:
    1. Phottix Cleon Wired/Wireless Remote Set- N6
    2. EN-EL3e, 1600mAh

    Are the above 2 item suitable for D90? If yes, i would like to have them. Thanks!
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