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    WTSell: Medium Format - Phase One XF bosy with IQ3 50mp back

    The set includes its pelican case, warranty (balance about 3.5 years), cables, 4 batteries, dual batteries charger, 150mm f2.8 blue ring lens. I am selling due to unforeseen financial issue. negotiable price. Thank you.
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    WTSell: Medium Format - Phase One XF bosy with IQ3 50mp back

    Classifieds Type: WTSell Equipment Type: Medium Format Brand: Phase One Short Description: XF bosy with IQ3 50mp back Price (S$): 27000 Condition of Item(s): 10 Detailed Description: Please contact for details, I am first owner, for family photoshoot usage. Name: John
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    Nikon MF User List

    253: FM3a, F5, F100, F3
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    Ready for it! - Nikon AF-S Nikkor 105mm f/1.4E ED !

    doesn't matter to scale or not, but I LIKE -->>>> 1 . F O U R !!!!!!!
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    where is the strong country that drew its waterline till so near other countries beach? thought their fishing research boats equipped well to protect... protect who!?
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    Nikon D5 spec out!

    you got it??
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    2 Smrt maintenance staff dead

    Very sorry to read the news too, may their soul R.I.P. it's so unfortunate.....
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    What makes you/us to be a Singaporean ? WP Released a NDP video

    Happy National Day to my Singapore friends! Jolly good day for you :D
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    Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych Fled Kiev, Protesters Gained Control

    oh oo.... What is China action on this?
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    Does this apply in Singapore

    i heard this beofre: anything found 3 ft below belongs to ah gong.
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    Singapore workers unhappiest in the region??

    aiya, survey is fun and crapy. My country leader even told the nation to be grateful because longkang vege price lower than before; maybe we laugh at this very much, that may have changed our country ppl happiness index. ops!
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    Nikon Df - the new King of High ISO performance ?

    i tried my Df with mamiya 645 120mm f4 macro lens, not a fulltime or pro, but colour looks impressive on the colour. but the metering could not be read maybe i did not set correctly. all down to old school learning of the various combination to shoot. handheld metering to be used if needed.