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  • Hi Zhiwei,
    Unfortunately I cannot share my terms of service as I do not have the rights to re-distribute them and I had legal help to draw them up. Basically, the agreement or terms of service should include the service date/time/duration, payment terms and service description (where you include your own dos and don'ts as well). Would be good to include a clause on limited liability (in case u don't turn up, or lose the photos etc).
    Hi Shinken,
    I'm very impress and glad that you have shared your experience in clubsnap regarding your thread on "Thinking of earning from photography? "
    I was wondering if I can ask from you a copy of the Contract/Agreement/Terms of Service that you use, or you can roughly outline it for me please?

    I wish to use it as a reference.

    Thank you very much! :)
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