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    Panasonic GX80/GX85/GX7 MkII

    Yes, the JDM models have English in the language options. I asked the BIC customer service to change it for me. There is an English manual in the box too.
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    Photographer needed for an hour's work. ROM on 16 July 2012.

    Thanks for all the PM responses. A big thank you to those who had provided links to your impressive portfolio, it really helped with the process of selecting the right one. For those who did not provide a link to view your portfolio, I am sorry I did not reply your respective PMs to answer...
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    Photographer needed for an hour's work. ROM on 16 July 2012.

    Time: 1:45pm to 2:45pm (actual ROM is 2:01pm). Venue: Registry of Marriages, Singapore. Date: 16 July 2012. Budget: SGD80.00 for the first hour. For the extension of every 15 minutes, negotiable. Requirements: Exterior and interior shots of couple exchanging rings, vows, of couple's...
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    An Evening with David aka "Fatigue The Lens Whisperer"

    Registration: Please write down you name and nick with last 4 digit and alphabet of your nric or passport no. eg. 1. Tan KK Sxxx4567C 1. Sam Ong ZX (xDreamerZ) Sxxx1954E 2. Chu BK (chilicrab1) Sxxx7482B 3. John Wong (mousedeers) 2994A 4. Kevin (ZerocoolAstra) 0294A 5. Michelle Tan TT...
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    why are videographers charging so low?

    Most people would be happy just seeing their faces in videos and photos. They don't care if their knees were out of the frame, they don't care if their loved ones are out of focus, they don't even know inconsistent lighting when they see one. Cheap photography equipment has bred the mindset of...
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    GF1 spare battery

    Thanks, will do that. edit: Changed. The second one is working now. SLR Revolution quoted a spare for only SGD22. Bought mine at Orient for SGD34.
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    GF1 spare battery

    When I first got the battery, my body firmware was still 1.0. The battery didn't work. The LED on the charger was blinking. Ignoring the LED, I updated my firmware to 1.1. The same empty nothing appeared. The 3rd party battery I got from Orient was ITTOU, with a label that says "Fits...
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    GF1 spare battery

    Hi, I bought mine from Orient as well. It didn't worked on my GF1. It can't even charge properly. The LED on the charger keeps blinking.
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