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    Canon 20-35 F2.8 L lens picture

    Hi Members, I am new to this lens and bot it from a fellow member. It is normal to get blurry ( not well focussed) picture on sides 2/3rds onwards either way when using this lens? regds Shami
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    Canon 1Ds Mark II autofocus

    hi i need help in understanding the functioning of 1Ds Mark II. I want to understand why one of the several boxes in autofocus view is always brighter. earlier i was getting different boxed red at different times. thanks
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    Sigma 150-500mm F 5-6.3 APO DG OS

    hi, i am new to this hobby and want advice . Can i use the Sgima 150-500 mm F5-6.3 APO DG OS lens with Canon 1Ds Mark II Full frame Camera. thanks