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    HELP!! "newbie" - Specks on Night Photo - new 550D

    The white spots are too big to be pixel issues. It is also unlikely to be lens issues. Probably some form of reflection / refraction from your lens or filter.
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    f2.8 or 580EXII?

    It is very challenging to get nice bright colours from heavy overcast conditions. The light is just like that. Add fog and you have a low contrast grey cast to every thing. The trick is to make the best you can from the light available and don't expect miracles like the colours turning out...
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    !!!BEWARE of babs567!!!!

    Let's just say that internet buy and sell pages are full of people like him selling "new" things at a steep discounts. You send the money in and that is the end of the story..... trick is to be able to smell these rats when they appear.
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    canon G12 flash

    Don't worry - almost all SLRs and all Canon DSLRs have hotshoes and most people do not cover them. When you put ANY hotshoe cover on, it presses a switch and this indicates to the camera that you have an external flash on. For DSLRs, Canon or Nikon - well more a preference than anything...
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    fake lens?

    Fake grips - YES Fake batteries - YES Fake straps - Possible Fake flashes - Unlikely Fake bodies - Near Impossible Fake lenses - Near Impossible But you never know what might come from China nowadays
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    Fungus on my EOS 350D sensor

    1. Definitely fungus 2. If it is on the outside of the pass filter covering the sensor, then you should be able to clean it off using sensor swabs or similar thing 3. If it on the inside of the pass filter, then very difficult to DIY. Canon CSC will probably want to change the sensor...
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    Canon 40D ERR 99 Message, anyone can offer some advise?

    Have you tried a different lens? Just to rule out it is not a lens issue. Once you try that then can discuss more
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    Is L lens over-rated?

    Zeiss is arguably better in some areas but may not suit everyone.... e.g. AF.
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    Is L lens over-rated?

    If an L gives the combination of sharpness, colour, compatibility and feel that you cannot get from any other lens, then price is not an issue, even if it costs 5 or even 10 times the price of the next best lens. You don't pay the money, you don't get the quality. If there is a lens that...
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    Need help Canon 3000 EOS 88

    EOS 88 cannot take 18-55 or any other EF-S lens. It fits - YES It focuses - YES But when you press the shutter ....
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    Can't decide on.. kit lens EF-S18-55m, EFS17-55 F2.8 or EFS15-85 F3.5-5.6

    And the 18-55 has a habit of dying after a couple of years....
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    18-55mm Auto Focus spoilt

    This is a common problem with the lens. Many cases. Repair is $70-100
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    Where to get good quality 2nd hand Canon Lens?

    Agree ....
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    anyone here still shooting with the 300d?

    I have had my 300D which served as my main body until 2007 when I got my 40D. It still gets used now and then when I travel (with a 18-55IS) as the combo is so light!!! Still takes great photos... So it has been with me 6 years!
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    500D droppage

    Droppage?? Tahoo?? Don't worry, just continue cameraging (I might as well create a new singlish term for photography) Dingaroo, now you know why the 50 1.8 II costs so little..... good glass held together by little bits of plastic