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    The moon, from my gear

    We have to take into consideration that the lens used is "only" 300mm, which is way too short for photographing the moon. As such the image shown here must have been heavily cropped, and it is stretching the limits of both the lens and the camera. Since the moon is so far away the...
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    Ian Fisher : American Soldier

    Very good series of photos and story: This is how an American soldier is made. For 27 months, Ian Fisher, his parents and friends, and the U.S. Army allowed Denver Post reporters and a photographer to watch and chronicle his recruitment, induction, training, deployment, and, finally, his...
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    Blue Angels @ Sea Fair Seattle 2009

    Thanks!. These were taken from the shore on the west side of the lake. :)
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    Blue Angels @ Sea Fair Seattle 2009

    Maybe I misunderstood you...if you are referring to Fat Albert, yest, it did fly this year :) ...but I did not get a good shot of it: This is Fat Albert in 2007:
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    Blue Angels @ Sea Fair Seattle 2009

    Haha...not this time. In case the others are wondering, this is the shot I posted last year: This year I got a clean shot:
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    Blue Angels @ Sea Fair Seattle 2009

    Thanks for the ocmments :) I guess without the 2x the planes will be half as big for the same zoom setting and distance to the planes, but I have not actually compared...
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    Blue Angels @ Sea Fair Seattle 2009

    Here are my takes for this year. D200 + 80-200 f/2.8 + 2x tele converter. Thanks for viewing! -Roy
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    Tour de France 2009

    Great pictures.
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    A multimeter cannot tell you much. The capacity is usually marked on the battery. To measure that you need an elaborate setup, as you have to fully chrage the battery and then discharge it with a fixed current while monitoring the output voltage. Once you have the discharge curve (voltage...
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    Panasonic LX3 of F100 fd? which should I choose?

    Depends on what you are comparing. If you look mainly at sensor noise under the same settings then yes, that statement is very likely true, but if you consider other factors, such as aperture, speed of focus, focal length + aspect ratio, shooting modes, image stabilization, ease of settings etc...
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    Thanks. Yes, all the night shots are taken handheld, except for the second last (the spiky statue), which was taken with the camera pressed against a pillar nearby. The f2.0 and image stabilization seems to work really well.
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    Nobody is threatening anybody. Now 2 of you just back off and take a deep breath before coming back to this thread again.
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    The following 2 did go through some levels adjustment: Thanks for viewing, and your comments are welcomed!
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    Here are more night/indoor scenes, all straight out of the camera with cropping and resizing only.