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    10 Years Anniversary - The Gathering

    ROFL... my account still can LOG IN!!!! xD Sorry pplz... wont be able to join u all... it has been super long time.... :thumbsup:
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    BG-E2 problems revisited

    I'm currently having problems with lens like 28-135mm f3.5-5.6 IS >_<;
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    A Budget Canon System for Newbie

    Prime: Canon 50mm f1.8 (easy one $135 ) SHARP! Cosina 100mm f/3.5 macro ($280) Standard Zoom: Tele Zoom:Canon's old 70-210mm f4 ($???) Good: Pictures are sharp and constant f4, Bad: push/pull design and AF rather slow! Canon EF 28-105 USM 3.5-4.5 (New or 2nd hand @ $280) Sigma 28-105...
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    20D - white balance correction + bracketing

    Personally, i never touched the PIC modes before due to the lack of controls, but the pic mode is really good for my frens to help me take photos of my gf and me or whenever im not shooting... kekeke... :p for the PIC modes, we all like to call it "idiot" mode.. lolx...
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    Canon 511A battery on 10D?

    Accually i wanted to ask this question very long liao lor. I'm mixing the original 511A with the Eastgear compatible 511A together. So far no problem except that afte r i shoot about 300+ shots,the batt level drops to half. How come like that ar?
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    TRy B&W.... maybe diff feel and effect. This is errmmm... too flat....
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    Year 2004 Photography Report Card

    Got my 1st DSLR Canon 20D! Weddings and events photos turns out much much better due to the supa-fast AF (using Minolta Dimage 5 previously) and very clean and usable high ISO :lovegrin: Techniques also seem to improve as compared to previous photos and i seem to "grow" in photography many...
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    New Zealand - Pictures + Itinerary

    Very nice and colourful landscapes!
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    In need of a key

    I like the 1st and 3rd one. 1st photo seems to have a story to tell. 3rd photo for the composition and the mysterious feel with the shadows. Btw, is it me or is the photo not really straight?
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    Findings on how the D7D performed at the wedding....Part 1

    Tried using Custom White Balance? It works for me though.
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    D70 Outing

    Wah lau eh.... like tht also kena bully from pro.... next time i keep quiet liao... :bsmilie: lolx... Join u next time lar. Year end i'm usually more busy. Join u in January if got any outings ^_^
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    D70 Outing

    Espn de pro... would really love to join but unfortunately i'm leaving for KL this Friday. Join u next outing... kkekeke...
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    Sigma 18-50 f2.8 EX DC(NEW)

    I tested both the f3.5 and f2.8 lens version and ended up buying the el-chepo version as i'm on a budget. This is what i feel based on the day where i tested both lens (dun flame me... im not a pro) F2.8 is sharp and fast when open wide. The zoom ring is stiffer but still easier to turn...
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    Some models of Sitex 2004

    Yaloe... looks under to me and also OOF.
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    20D users (those that bought with firmware 1.05)

    No problem with the new firmware