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    Which tertiary instituition are you from?

    LOCAL Nanyang Poly - kongg (1997), djchris (00 - 03), OzOn3(01-0x) Ngee Ann Poly - espn (1998), dennislim (00 - 03) Republic Poly - Singapore Poly - Mystix (2000) Temasek Poly - SianZronG LASALLE-SIA, College of the Arts - Cheesecake Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts - Mystix Shatec - NTU -...
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    Congratulations to Malkw!

    Well done William. Congratulations. :)
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    ClickArt - World Photojournalist Meet 2003 (ClickArt 2003)

    1. Darren Lau [WS1-S1] [WS2-S3] 2. Edmund Tan [WS1-S1] [WS2-S4] 3. Sebastian Song [WS1-S2] [WS2-S4] 4. Larry Loh [WS1-S1] [WS2-S4] 5. Simone Lynn [WS1:S1-2] [WS2:S2-3], is this OK? 6. EdNg [WS1-S1:WS2-S4] 7. Caleb Cheong [WS1-S1: WS2:S3] 8. Ullyss hm Wang [WS1-S1] [WS1-S2] 9. Kelvin Ng...
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    For those who are going to Melaka for food

    Peranakan food? Coupla places: - Auntie Lee wins hands down. Prepared by the Auntie herself. Best Chendol in Malacca IMHO. - Auntie Suan. Decent. Cooked by non-peranakans though - Ole Sayang. Nice decor, passable food. Must try the Kopi-Kao along Chinatown. Sip, don't slurp. Then sit...
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    Which camera would you bring to Tibet? Pls advise

    depends on a coupla things: 1) length of stay 2) access to electricity 3) what you intend to take (landscape vs portraits vs wildlife) 4) where you intend to go (mountain vs plains vs lhasa only) personally i'll bring an FM2 with three lens. wide angle, mid zoom, telephoto + sturdy...
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    Offstone and Clubsnap

    Yeah, they both promote photography in Singapore, and support the photographic community here. and i must say, both doing an excellent job so far! ;) Historically speaking, Clubsnap did breakaway from HWZ and Offstone was indeed started by Lance. They have more in common than we think...
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    F80 users: Dynamic AF, any good?

    I'm honoured. A simple para from me and i'm graced with a whole chapter from Jed. :) Jed, to put expectations and experiences straight, i don't shoot the same kinda stuff as you do, or as often as you do. I'm a weekend/holiday shooter and do mainly street and travel photography. I...
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    Photography Competition at Singapore Orchid Festival

    Hi Darren, I think the date above should read as 2003 instead. regards, Roch
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    F80 users: Dynamic AF, any good?

    Hey Ansel, It works. But i almost never use it. ;) A lot of practice is required to get it right. And (panning) technique differs from subject to subject. I get better results focusing manually. Especially useful if the movement of the subject is well known and...
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    Portrait Shoot outing - 26/07/03

    01. djchris (tentative, will be bringing some related photos if any) 02. espn (if I get to go home that weekend during reservist) 03. ziploc (if not away trekking) 04. Poledra 05.waisj 06. wormz777 07. Tweek (see if I can get an off for the Sat...) 08. Puffy 09.Deep5 (hopin to get more...
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    Need Advice: Route to photojournalism

    i had an A1 and i still couldn't get in.. ;)
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    Hot afternoon at Singapore river/Esplanade

    is it just me, or does all your pictures have a slight bluish cast in them? seems a wee bit cool. add a warm up 81B/C. it'll reinforce the 'hot' afternoon.
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    who are divers on CS?

    1. sehsuan/olympus 4040 2. wai / Canon S30 with underwater case 3. oceanxp / ??? 4. Longman / 26 year old 50mm lens (My Eye) 5. MunWai / Contact Lens [/B]] 6. denizenx / lens? scuba mask my dear 7. e_liau / Oly 5050 w/o uw casing (sponser anyone?) 8. Serendipity 9. waisj / no...