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    An Giang Cow Racing
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    An Giang Cow Racing
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    An Giang Cow Racing - the driver risk falling though the fall may not be fatal....
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    An Giang Cow Racing
  5. Mekong Delta

    Mekong Delta

    Sunset at newly built temple on hill overlooking the vast Mekong delta area, An Giang province
  6. Life at Mekong Delta River

    Life at Mekong Delta River

    Daily life of a boatman transporting harvest products for sale along the river
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    Sunset @ Pulau Ubin on 29th March 2014 (by Dave)

    we see the clouds gather before the rain - view from Cek Jawa
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    Sunset @ Pulau Ubin on 29th March 2014

    Thanks. How do I go forward from here? Ricky Loh Chiueh Eyen ( HP 96581350)
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    Sunset @ Pulau Ubin on 29th March 2014

    I'm interested to join. Any slot for 1 person?
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    Hi Everyone,

    sorry i tried several times to upload the photo but not successful !!. I agree with you "no photo no talk " pls be assure, since is asking for advise.. thanks everyone else for their advice !!!
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    Hi Everyone,

    ISO 200,. overexposed at fireworks itself, too brightly lit...not fine strands outburst as expected. Do not have the photos now.. will try to upload later.. :)