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    Eh what's agood wireless system?

    if i'm on cable (starhub) can i go wireless as well? have 2 laptops and 2 slow computers?? can someone recommend a cheap wireless so that all 4 computers can get connected? or that's not possible? any other alternatives? Thanks. oh.. and make it simply for a it moron like me thanks...
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    children of heaven

    hahaha!!! tears of heaven? (corny yes)
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    How do you find Singaporean drivers?

    i'm not entirely sure on this but i think it's somewhat the same in singapore. if u hit someone and it's your right of way, u're still gonna get into some kind of trouble.
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    How do you find Singaporean drivers?

    then u never met me on the road. i do just that! :) but i am usually upset by the response i got from majority of the drivers who are at the receiving end. They do not acknowledge the fact u made the extra effort for them and think they deserve it. that's when i get irritated and say i'd never...
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    EOS 30\33 vs EOS 66

    change to what? change the mirror issit? if so, can. eos30 also can but cannot use the eye control..
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    Advice on tripod

    i'm pretty sure that the IS lens is not a substitute for tripods... it just basically allows u 2 extra stops.. maybe only can do handheld speeds of 1/15 or even 1/8 or reduce the shake when using large L lens. however if u wanna do the long exposure it's a no-way...
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    EOS 30\33 vs EOS 66

    never used it... but overall the 30 has a better feel than the 66. 30 has lots of custom functions that make it a lot easier and more personalised to your preference (like personalising the camera to suit your needs and preference). however, none of them are cannot-live-without. 66 is a...
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    Lens Pen

    where to get micro fibre cloth? btw i heard that lens paper can also scratch the lens...
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    ant macro

    water droplet near the head on 3rd photo?
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    Cleaning of Equipment Under Warranty

    actually it depends.. if u tell them u just want the mirror or anything to be cleaned, not the heavy duty servicing, it's free... i never had to pay (although i don't know what heavy duty servicing includes)
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    OpTech Strap Sap Catch Secure?

    anyone knows where to get the optech strap or similar ones for bags? (not the camera ones) or the camera ones can use for bag? help anyone? thanks
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    Mirror lockup on EOS66?

    think 66 cannot do the mirror lock up. i think mirror lock up is do prevent excessive vibration just when the shutter opens. so the mirror locks up first then the shutter curtain opens so reduce/minimize vibrations rather than mirror go up and shutter open at the same time... i think...
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    repost: NDP 2003 from Tanjong Rhu

    Enjoyed the captions... good humour. (and of cuz the photos) good dig at the cameras and fishing rods. :D
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    A Riddle For You - Post answers

    this.. i'm stumped... anyone knows this?
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    A Riddle For You - Post answers

    hey.. we've gone thru that question and answer before!! hhaha!! take some time and kill some brain cells doing the questions.. some quite funny, others quite tricky but fun overall.. enjoy