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    D300 shutter sounds different between 12 and 14 bit NEF

    the readout speed is probably different.
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    Food Photographers' Group

    might be interested but i'm busy >.<
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    Baby Boom

    its made up of acrylamide probably
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    Who wants money and prosperity?

    happy new year!!
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    Best lens for Food Photography

    35mm f2, 28mm f2.8 for dx format
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    D1 Tutor

    nikon d1 is a cool camera. 10.8mp camera that is sold as a 2.7mp cam. 4 photosites for 1pixel? :eek: but oh well, not to get additional DR but just because in the earlier days they needed a better SNR
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    AFD 50mm 1.8 w/ D40
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    Nikon 50mm f1.2 AIS

    there are happy users of the 55 f1.2 anyway. i dont understand your analogy though? :dunno:
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    Any Nikon user holding a Fuji S5 Pro?

    just toying with it :)
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    Any Nikon user holding a Fuji S5 Pro?

    yup, i might be taking over that s5pro just for keeps sake. like most of the people whom had asked me abt nikon and other camps during meetups etc, i would always tell them, no matter what many people still post process their pictures anyway, even my friend who dumped his s5pro with me for a...
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    Any Nikon user holding a Fuji S5 Pro?

    in F2 skin tone is very wierd, f1a skin tone is nice for portrait. the autowhite balance tends to correct better than nikon giving truer coloers, but as a matter of better or not, its up to personal preference. nikon tends to have over warm auto/wb sensing. in terms of ambient light...
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    Any Nikon user holding a Fuji S5 Pro?

    i have a s5pro with me right now, borrowed from a friend just to see what are the fuji users gloating about all the while. if i like it i've the option of taking over it for $650 yes the DR in my opinion, out of camera jpg, is more than a stop of advantage over nikon, but still in both...
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    Click sound heard on Nikkor 50mm f1.8 lens

    its hard to discern what you mean by the click but to make sure its the aperture blades closing in that causes the sound, press the stop down preview button at the base of lens mount on the left of the camera
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    D40 hot shoe cover

    try lords or tk.. its a few dollars for one
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    Colors @ Little India

    oo.. finally a dslr. nice to see you joining the darkside too :D you've an interesting eye for composition