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  • Hi

    You've got the 3 items correct. i.e. lightstand, umbrella, flash holder. You'll need PT04tm set if you'd like to trigger it wirelessly. In future you'll need the extra receiver for PT04tm should you get an additional flash.

    Do let me know if you've further query.

    im planning to buy a starter kit for flash photography
    i already browsed your website and planning to buy the lightstand
    and the umbrella and flash holder with the hotshoe.
    i also want to buy a trigger but currently quite confused because there are so many things. Could you suggest for me which one is suitable for me. currenty i owned 1 sb 800 and planning to but a 2nd flash in the near future. and i prefer to trigger the flashes without cables.
    thanx a lot for your help

    Sony / minolta system is the only camera with unique flash mount, therefore it's not compatible with the pop up flash.

    I've pm you self collection details.

    can i check if the pop up flash diffuser suitable for A200?

    anyh possibilites of self collection and cash payment ?
    interested in the francier tripod so thought of self collection

    Hi! Powerclips are all sold out.
    Sorry, I don't carry kenko extension-tube for canon.
    Thanks for enquiring!
    i need 2 just PowerClips.. pls advise if we can arrange for pickup? thanks!

    do you also have the kenko extension-tube for canon? thanks again!

    I like to get the 58mm reverse mount adapter for Canon. Do you think I can pick it from you? Need it by tomorrow.

    Please contact me at 96268006.

    Hi! If order and payment is received by Monday 5pm, Singpost courier will deliver on Tuesday afternoon. Thanks!
    hi there!!! im in need of a muslin cloth by wednesday (251208), specifically the W091. can you help me to expedite our transaction? pls msg me at 98004171, thx!!
    hi again,,, came across this picture in your website,,

    h t t p : / / w w w .tagotech.com/pic/120-light-kit.jpg,,, note remove all spaces between h to w

    do you still sell this package, if not do you have a similar recommendation in terms of set & price, many thanks again
    Hi! Condition is detailed in the product description of our website.
    I'm sorry as we're dealing solely online, am unable to deal on browse and buy. My apologies!

    Thanks for enquiring!
    This is regarding your advertisement of Close-up filter 4 piece kit - 72mm. What is the condition of the filters? Is it possible to see it first before purchasing it? Thanks...
    I have not received your email. Is your order 514413? I've sent you an email yesterday. Probably our email system don't like each other. Please PM me instead. Thanks!
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