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    Pentax/Ricoh change of business plan

    No more mass product but on customer demand. USA no change but other countries will buy online.
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    What makes an editing PC fast - good video card (gpu) or the processor (cpu)?

    Hi, I'm assuming you want to do photo editing primarily and some video but both tasks in terms of software are written ( code ) to make use of only single core ( photo editing ) and perhaps a little graphic card resources but newer versions may change to take advantage of video card. For video...
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    WHATS NEXT FOR M43, after Olympus, what future is left?

    OM digital solutions in 3rd. place for mirrorless cameras in Japan since it's introduction in 2008.
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    Hi and welcome! Hope you find it useful here although YouTube is full of reviews and opinions but at least we can provide more insight ( locally ) as compared to influencers, not that they are irrelevant but power to information.
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    WHATS NEXT FOR M43, after Olympus, what future is left?

    One thing clubsnap must thank you about your negativity about Olympus is that this is the "only" section/ forum that is still active. I think this news will not make you happy although there is still until the end of 2022 for Canon and Nikon to get out of the mess but really they are fighting...
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    Tripod to recommend

    Hi and welcome to cs, Well I Google A 1005 and it is classified as travel tripod, meaning light weight. Aluminium construction at 1.45kg. folds to a short length. Most important spec. is max. loaded weight and A1005 is 4 kg. Now assuming using an A7iii at 650g including battery and 200 + 650 g...
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    Digicabi dry cabinet

    Hi, nikon_ray thanks for for expert help but I think that since it was working with the original resistor values unless the resistance has changed over time which I doubt but you never know with electronic components. As the resistance is in the optocoupler circuit which simply connects the high...
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    Digicabi dry cabinet

    Hi nikon_ray, thanks for your electronic analysis. I'm a electronics hobbyist so my reasoning is simply whether it works or not. As to how it controls humidity in the actual scientific process is not important concerning the control dial. You are right about the power supply the the voltage of...
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    Digicabi dry cabinet

    Hi, Your shorted device is not a MOSFET but a bipolar transistor npn type Japanese fully insulated device 2SC3866. You can try Sim Lim tower or order from Lazada but what I saw was lots of 10pcs. You will need a tube of heatsink paste white in colour for heat distribution to heatsink. If not the...
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    WHATS NEXT FOR M43, after Olympus, what future is left?

    No point talking about the past. Olympus no longer exists but now known as Olympus system. Unlike canon or Sony that has economy of scale in selling high camera volume and pouring R&D money and recovering it resulting in low costs om system cannot afford following the 2 big boys but they are...
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    Old Canon EF & EF-S lens

    Check clubsnap classifieds or carousell for their resale market value.
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    RICOH GRIII Exposure Preview OFF?

    I don't own a gr iij but I think turning off auto ev compensation should work by the op/TS reply.
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    YN trigger can't work on my Canon

    Hi, I think your trx setting is the "problem" as you will be using it as wired/wireless control but with the appropriate cable attached to camera. Please read the printed manual or download from Yongnuo. It's very simple to use rf603c ii as dumb wireless trigger. The description of the pair of...
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    More difficult to get sharp images with A7R3

    Generally mirrorless cameras give sharper photos because there is no mirror box like dSLR and with higher pixel count ( smaller pixel size ) there is less tolerance to camera shake so using higher shutter speed or higher iso helps but if you use super telephoto lens then there are other factors...
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    Best place to replace LCD screen on X100F?

    You can diy. Lcd display can buy from Lazada, Amazon , aliexpress or Taobao. Shop for best price $20+?. Need japanese cross head screwdrivers #00 and # 01 ( JIS standard , japan industrial standard. If u buy normal Philips cross head drivers may damage these precision screws used in cameras. )...