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    Ricoh GRIII

    some sample shots? your take of those shots? thanks
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    Ricoh GR III: First impression

    having used gr since film days, the standout point is its size ... IQ from any camera largely is up to the shooter .... portability means more practice
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    New GR is coming

    Ricoh says shipping of GR III in March 2019 ...:)
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    New GR is coming

    Already into 2019 ... awaiting the release date of GR III .... :)
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    New GR is coming

    so so many web writeups .... am also awaiting for its arrival ..... :)
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    D600 User Thread II

    Haunting images too ;)
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    Huangshan in April 14

    Looking at these images, I feel like transported back in the wuxia days of sword fighting and flying kungfu. Great shots. Exhibition quality.
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    Nikon Capture NX-D

    What Nikon should do is to better NX2. Bundle it with every dSLR but to only single installation. That will enhance its goodwill. But, sad to say, it's all dollar-will.
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    Nikon DX / FX lenses for travel & landscapes

    Just to share my silly experiment : Tokina 11-16 on an FX but use only 16mm.
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    The biggest lenses Nikon ever created

    Was watching Nat Geo. Photo of a rhino. Real sharp since on HD. Commentator said it was shot 800 metres away. But the rhino's head (and its horns) fill the whole screen. Wondering what lens was used. Just wondering. My math is real bad. Some engineers out there? Thank you.
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    Nikon Group Photo

    time to buy some nikon shares :)
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    Lens with VR vs without VR

    Just to share a thought about Nikon's VR. A few weeks ago, i did a college convocation shot. Using a 50mm f1.8 at f5.6 and on a tripod. There were about 300 graduands. Delivery time, quite a number of them were not pleased with their goods. The only complaint is "Uncle, why so sharp one my...
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    D3 or D600

    So sorry for starting such a ruckus. Special thanks for stokers too. :-) But, seriously. Good things are not cheaper and cheap things are not good. But cheaper things can be good also. Tailor one's needs according to one's wallet. But being a man with Nikon since the 1970s, AGS (acquiring gadget...
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    Fuji X Trans Sensor Singapore Sunset / Sunrise

    this nice shot appeared in a photog magazine? Thanks for sharing