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    Nature- Starved Rock

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    Chicago Skyline

    Hi all, thanks for the comments and suggestions. Will definitely try from those angles suggested. Here's the cropped pic, how does it look?
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    Chicago Skyline

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    Colorful Yunnan- ,

    Hi would you mind sharing the settings for this sky shot? It's really awesome. Thank you
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    Mackinac Island

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    Cat drining from fountain

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    Mackinac Island

    comments & criticism welcome..... thank you
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    Mackinac Island

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    Mackinac Island

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    Mackinac Island

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    Does photos of flower belongs here?

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    View from the Top

    Chicago City.... Night view Day view
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    Some Lake view...

    Hi, Thanx. This is a small lake in Carol Stream, Illinois USA. There are a lot of geese around the lake during the day... You can also see the sun set from here... Here's a not so nice sunset shot i have
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    Some Lake view...