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    D90 D-Movie Real life Performance. Good?

    The D90 does look like it has a lot of potential, especially vs mounting a Brevis to use 35mm lens on a camcorder.
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    JinBei 180W flash leaking electricity ! ! !

    The grid pattern has been observed at 1/8000 by other D70 users.
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    Compress Air

    FUD. Fear Uncertainty & Doubt. BUY BUY our overpriced cleanroom Q tips which don't work that well!
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    Something weird in the mail

    Loansharks getting more creative in collecting money? Pig head not easy to get so use dentures instead. "Owe teeth pay teeth!"
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    The (potential) problem of proprietary RAW formats

    Thats a big IF... Reasons to discontinue support? When they decide its not worth their time & money, which in the digital world seems to happen very fast. Hopefully they'll open source the format when they do decide not to support anymore. The 5.25" floppy in the article is a very good...
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    Formatting a USB 40GB HDD to FAT32

    Its a FAT32 thing. Mentioned in video editing s/w manual. Anyway thot ESPN was transferring 1 giant chunk, not a bunch of smaller files.
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    Any legal issues regarding photography of a traffic accident?

    This works with a lot of government employees not just mata ;)
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    Formatting a USB 40GB HDD to FAT32

    Size limit per file for FAT32 is 2GB. Encountered this when editing video from DVcam. Max quality abt 30mins only, then the program will create a new file to continue.
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    The (potential) problem of proprietary RAW formats

    It does raise some very important concerns... say 5 years down the road when everyone is running Windows 2010, Pentium 7. Will manufacturers feel the need to provide software to handle a 10 year old RAW format? Will the current software run on future OS and hardware? Would you even want...
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    Which one to get? Playstation or Xbox?

    Early adopters get their heads chopped. Wait a while and Starhub will give away free Xbox with broadband plan again. :)
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    Requested No Adjustment but Lab Print Colour Still Off

    The adjustment printout at the back is optional, lab can choose not to print it. Doesn't matter if you print film or digital. LCD supposedly has smaller color gamut than CRT. Some are reportedly maximum 18-bit color even though your settings are 24/32 bit.
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    The significant of AF-S 55 - 200 Lens

    Can't really compare motors cos the gearing ratio might vary between different lenses.
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    Xbox 360 ...

    Cannot lah, coded for different hardware. Probably xbox1 games can play on 360 but even then they have not made any statement about backward compatibility.
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    The NP Big Walk Nikon Shootout

    Brudder, your gaffer tape not nikon wan :nono:
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    My monitor is vibrating!!!

    Step1: Drink lots of coffee Step2: Vibrate in sync with image Probably electron gun at the back is dying.