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    WTSell: Compact - Canon Canon G7

    Advertisement Category: Want To Sell (WTS) Equipment Type: Compact Equipment Brand: Canon Equipment Model: Canon G7 Price (S$): 250 slightly neg Description: Canon G7 Perfect working condition, selling due to changing camera slightly neg, else will just keep it as spare. :P Real Name...
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    WTBuy: DSLR - Olympus Ep-2

    Advertisement Category: Want To Buy (WTB) Equipment Type: DSLR Equipment Brand: Olympus Equipment Model: Ep-2 Budget (S$): Negotiable Description: Wanna buy ep-2 SMS 90081636 to discuss. Real Name: Dave Contact Number: 90081636 Warranty Status: Pls advice
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    Krabi (SE K800i)

    yeah.. its still a mobile phone... when are you gonna give me your Canon? :P *oh... go there bo jio....*??? hmmm i thought you are still in greenland.. not back in Singapore yet... :P
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    Krabi (SE K800i)

    not much of control actually, but it does come with Spot metering, white balance setting... for sihouette... just wait wait wait wait till the right timing (for the sky to turn dark..) and use spot meter... one thing is that it doesnt comes with force flash... and the EV doesnt work very well...
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    Krabi (SE K800i)

    hmm, just like to share some images taken by mobile phone, personally, its definitely far from DSLR or high end compact quality, however on a personal level, I am rather impressed with its image quality except that its rather grainy at low lightings... but hell,... its a mobile phone...
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    Recent Bali trip

    Its Awsome bro!!! Guess I have to go learn without "someone", else I may have to wait till old age.. :P Though you guys arent gonna dive this time due to the current? ** cant resist the temptation huh?*** Once again.. nicely done.. :)
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    D100 focusing screen

    Thank you guys, you have been a great help. :) CHeers
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    D100 focusing screen

    Hi, Does anyone one knows which focusing screen can D100 use? CHeers
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    Any watch collector here?

    hmm.. anyone know other shop that sell used watches beside timemonster, passions and peng kwee in singapore?
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    Singapore Fashion Awards 2004-Fashion Photographer 04 ??

    the 2004 award went to a cool dude called Alvin Tan (not Ivan Tan) from Visionaire Conspiracy
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    WTR: Canon 1Ds or 1d MKII or kodak DSC

    Hi guys, not too sure if this is the correct place to post this... Posting for a friend, he would need to rent either canon 1ds or 1d MK II ( Kodak DSC will do too) for a job on the 15th this month. (duration is 10 days) Please PM me or contact me at 90081636 (sms me if you cant reach me...
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    Nikon junk *****s up on a job.... again

    Cmon guys, give him a break,he is probably trying to warn us or just venting his frustration. (Guess we all do that). I am not a pro or anythingy... but I worked with professional photographer quite often. The fact is... 50% of them dun usually bring a back up (well... as far a can see lah)...
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    Fuji S7000 recall

    hmmm... Wondering if anyone got this problem.. coz mine seems to last only for awhile... and my model number is 41L00xxx which not suppose to have this problem....
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    just a website that has some information on copyrights and usage. copyright Just felt that we should have, since I cant seem to find any information on it... hmm perhaps we should have it on sticky? * Well.. the info in that website may not relate to Singapore copyright, but i reckon...
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    Hasselblad FOR rent (from distributor)

    Hi guys, Just a piece of information for those who are going into MF. we can actualli rent hasselblad medium format cam and lenses from local distributor (shriro) I am not sure about the rate though.. those who are interested can ring 6472 7777 (dont contact me.... coz this is just for the...