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  • Hi
    If you can purchase at the prices you quoted you should get them - good deals!! if those prices are accurate it is surprising that I received 4 offers at my asking price of $550.... i probably could have sold at even higher price!! Good LucK.
    Hi im interested in yr sb900.
    brand new from MS color is selling at $580.
    Grey set is around $530.

    can i offer you around $490 - $500 ?

    thanks & Happy New Year.
    Newbie @ 91193138
    I was looking to buy a new one in few days time. Is this exactly same as the following?


    May I ask few questions?
    When did you buy this lens and did you ever take it servicing center because it had problem? Any scratches on the body or on the glass?

    Thank You!
    I am interested in the Zeiss ZF (Nikon mount) Zeiss 50mm f1.4 ZF.

    Can you give a better price cos not much difference compared to buying directly from dealer. Thank you.
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