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    Sunrays on Purple Tulips

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    Sunrays on Purple Tulips

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    Make-Up Artist wanted!

    Need a make-up artist for a shoot SMRT/BUS advertisement sometime this coming week, make up for just 1 girl and 1 guy. Will need your portfolio and costing. Please email me at or contact me at 96966393 if interested. Thanks
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    Noble Falls, Western Australia

    wow it's really magical, the falls especially :)
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    Singapore from the Oasis

    First time posting my photography over here. Juse some shots I took from the Oasis at sunset. Comments appreciated =]
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    black out!

    lol my whole neighbourhood blackout except our block, so cool :) thankgod for the carheadlights
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    What you looking at?

    lol @ the last one! quite sad lar you see all the fishes around him chopped up. Boy in the 2nd one looks very huge
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    Just to Destress

    This is totally off topic but anyway.. was just doing some random surfing when i found these: 2nd on is a classic but needs quicktime. Enjoy! bah. must be...
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    New to clubsnap!

    lol you making it sound like hard work. just realised i'm not promoted yet. Welcome and happy posting :)
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    Clubsnap in straitstimes

    aiyoh, it's just a tiny column in the trashy SundayTimes. It's becoming like a magazine lol. Later they quote this thread next week :)
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    Favourite photographers

    no particular favourite.. But You may want to look at these awesome webblog photographers :)
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    12th International AGFAnet Photo Award

    Oceans, rivers, rain, ice, snow, clouds... The 12th International AGFAnet Photo Award revolves entirely around water - an irreplaceable natural substance and the original source of all life on our planet. Three-quarters of the Earth's surface are covered by water - some 1,386,000,000 billion...
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    France vs Greece

    lol.. too slow :)
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    Do you think there are too many "poll" threads?

    almost every thread is a poll on page one.. cant stand it already