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    anyone watched "honour and passion"?

    and so????
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    Spelling lessons for leaders of tomorrow.. :)

    Come on... who doesn't make mistakes? Besides, how does this honest mistake reflect upon the quality of NTU grads?
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    WIFI module on 5D

    Having a G or N standard router doesn't give you a stronger signal. In fact, a stronger signal from the access point doesn't matter in this case. What you want is a better antenna on the WiFi module on your camera.
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    The Army Series

    It's Amoy Quee Camp. There is no "Amoy Camp". There is no "2nd Singapore Infantry Regiment" per se. It's officially 2nd Battalion, Singapore Infantry Regiment.
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    Is Matilda's House still here?

    take bus 82.
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    Can't decide between these two notebooks, please advise.

    u outdated... AMD TurionX2 asswhipped by Intel Core 2 Duo :sticktong
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    enlistment on 13 sep

    I could only get this amount as CPL 7 yrs ago, which is like 4 ranks above REC......
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    To Mr Mervn
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    To Mr Mervn

    Grow up.
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    graduation photo cum family portrait wanted
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    graduation photo cum family portrait wanted

    it's not Hougang Broadway. it's Serangoon Broadway. they are quite pricey but the photos are of good quality.
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    Mazda test driver who killed the sales woman exposed ?

    I asked for facts, not personal opinions. Yes, it's kopitiam, but please read the 2nd line of my first post here. Well, I guess you are under the influence of situation number 1) as stated by you. Mind you, please read, especially clauses 1...
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    Shu Qi in AMK Hub

    this girl is DJ Lim Peifen from YES 93.3FM.
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    Mazda test driver who killed the sales woman exposed ?

    do u have factual information and statistics to support your claim that "Japanese car would have collapsed like a tin can"? please do not spew your nonsense here. coming here to talk **** sing song does not mean u can distort facts.
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    Can 1 cent coins still be use to transact in local?

    true true... i bought some computer hardware costing over 1k++ using cash. they printed a statement claiming that they waived the 5% GST if u pay by cash, but will charge the 5% if you use credit card or NETS payment. from my observations, practically everyone there paid using cold hard cash.