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  • I only just noticed this message...

    I was in Jordan on the 11th of Sept anyway - using the BT-Q1000P to log my movements so I could geotag photos.

    The only gripe I have with the unit is that the BT747 software causes it to crash, but other than making downloads take a long time, it doesn't affect the normal use of the logger. It's pretty well idiot proof. I even tried to kill it by accidentally leaving on the dash of a car in Aqaba, Jordan - the thing got too hot to even hold, but it survived and still works.

    I no longer remember what I paid ($130 or something) and a friend 'bulk purchased' from a distributor - he bought about 10 at once!.

    There are a few operational quirks - from a 'cold' start, it takes far longer to lock that they claim, it can actually take several minutes. It takes far longer (10 minutes) to lock if you are moving. It can't lock at all at aircraft speeds (although if it can maintain the fix, i.e you are sitting next to a window, it will track at 767 speeds :-)

    It's high sensitivity is also a curse as well as an advantage - indoors it will keep lock on the satellites, but get terrible location errors - being only able to see the satellites out a window...

    If your Nokia as mapping software, it should be able to connect to the logger over BT. I connect my E90 to it, as the E90's own GPS reciever uses way too much power. (Flattens the battery in less than 6 hours!)
    Hi fellow linux user :)
    I saw ur thread about the Qstarz BT-Q1000P
    and I need to use it the same way.
    would be great if it can connect to my nokia E51 as well.
    can u give me a review of it?
    btw where and how much did u purchase yours for?
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