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    10 Gmail Invitations

    First Name: Last Name: Email: First come first served. PM me with the abv details only! Thanks.
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    You guys all into Digital SLR?

    I'm still using film SLR. :embrass: What's the percentage of ppl using digital SLR in here?
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    Google's 1000MB Gmail (6 invitations)

    No prob. ;)
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    Google's 1000MB Gmail (6 invitations)

    I had sent invitations to the following members: -karwing -kingpin -satan_18349 -Helbreath -Tracker porshee, check ur pm!
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    Google's 1000MB Gmail (6 invitations)

    Sorry. Too late. You can get from jaskin. :)
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    Google's 1000MB Gmail (6 invitations)

    Selling for $0. :) First come first serve only. :) And send me the following details thru pm: First Name: Last Name: Email Address: Good Luck! :)
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    Canon Speedlite Flashes

    Any websites to get the specifications and prices?
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    NDP Fireworks Outing

    No prob. Be there early. Certain rds will be block.
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    NDP Fireworks Outing

    Confirm got fireworks. High level fireworks at 8pm.
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    Tripod Head

    I called CP juz now. They told me that.
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    Tripod Head

    I wanna get Manfrotto 308RC but it was a discontinued product. Which tripod head should I get for Manfrotto 190DB tripod?
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    John 3:16

    Do they open on public holiday?
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    Where can I get the cheapest HP printer catridges?

    VideoPro's hp ink cartridges:
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    Bravo... this thread is still surviving. Hehehe... :dent:
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    +4 close-up filter

    Alright. ;)