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    Wu Xiao Kang - A Dose of LIES

    Kaychin, you should take responsibility for the role you played in creating this situation and stop making lame excuses. It's very unbecoming of you to try to shift the blame in this manner, instead of standing by your original choice and the unfortunate judgement regarding the subterfuge.
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    Wu Xiao Kang - A Dose of LIES

    So the burden to uncover the truth would be that of the organizers? The fact that you never told the organizers that it was real implies you came clean that the works were all fictional? In the same vein, am I to assume every sentence you've written is a lie because I never asked you if what...
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    1.4x with Canon 100-400

    I have both the 100-400L and the EF 1.4x TC, I've mated the TC to this lens once and will never do it again. Pics just go out soft and the focus is slow and inaccurate most of the time. The 100-400L works great on its own and is a relatively easy lens to use with practice, contrary to the...
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    Canon 100mm macro or Tamron 90mm

    Both lenses are good on their own but if you can wait out and save a bit more, the Canon will probably serve you better in the long run. Better optics and slightly more accurate AF... comparatively speaking.
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    Sailing on the Doulos - Part 2

    Would there be a part 3? ;)
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    Langkawi - Panoramas

    technically good but the first 2 panoramas seem unbalanced in terms of subject matter. a little empty in the frame, IMO.
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    Anyone know where to get this?

    You mean one of these? I think most department stores should carry them. Have seen them before at Takashimaya Kitchenware department, Robinson and some of the houseware stores in Park Mall.
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    :: Margarita – a Russian beauty ::

    She certainly looks quite comfortable and at ease in many of the pictures. It's a quality I find lacking in many of the other models in these amateur shoots.
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    Life in a Hospice

    Well taken and informative as usual, thank you for sharing. By the way, was it easy to arrange a visit to the home for the photo session?
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    Backlanes of Katong

    Liked the clothes pole shot the best.
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    Pano attempt

    Great stuff! We need to see more please.
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    Lens Cleaning Kit - what do you use?

    I use a small lens pen, lens cloth and a blower. Anything requiring more than that I will send it in for a general servicing.
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    My FirSt WedDing ShoOt

    Images look kinda dead, like everyone else said. Composition isn't too bad, and I think you managed to capture some happy moments.
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    I was at Boat Quay

    I've concluded you should only take pictures while you are sober since they drunk pictures are quite badly taken, the sober one is just passable in terms of technicalities.
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    WWII Nazi Concentration Camp

    I think I need to put Auschwitz on my places to visit list.