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    Urbanathlon 2010 run with obstacles

    Nice shots taken! Do you have more? I took part and wouldn't mind buying from you if you happen to take any of mine.
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    Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon

    Very good coverage of the event. Very nice colours and exposure too! Look forward to see more pics of the event :)
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    Recommendation for a photo & laptop backpack?

    Where can we buy Kata bags in Singapore? What's the price range?
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    Tulip Festival in Melbourne

    Well... tulips always look better from the sides dun they? :think: Thanks! :) Yeah, no.6 has a bit of flare but the endless rows of tulips in the background is just too nice to leave this pic out. This tulip festival is held every spring (mid-Sept to mid-Oct) on the outskirts of Melbourne...
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    Tulip Festival in Melbourne

    Here are a few more photos... The thing in the background is actually a Dutch-style windmill. 4. This is how big the field is. Easily the size of 2 football fields. 5. 6. 7.
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    Tulip Festival in Melbourne

    Some photos taken at a Tulip Festival in Melbourne last year. Critiques and comments much appreciated :) 1. 2. 3.
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    Chelsea halftime team talk

    Here's the halftime team talk from Stamford Bridge by Jose Mourinho...
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    Tearing down our history - Tyersall House

    This is sad that another building with history and heritage is going to be torn down. Sometimes I wonder what these people are up to. Slowly, our heritage buildings and even hawker/food centres in the city area are going down in dust. Tyersall House is on a location far from the main roads. Why...
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    How many times you took to obtain your driving Licence?

    I took private lessons... Basic: Once Advanced: 4X :embrass: Practical: Once (Kg Ubi, 8pts!) :cool: Overall, I spent less than 1k on all my lessons and test fees. Is the dreaded Route 6 still the same at Kg Ubi?
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    Wrestlers coming........Beware!!!

    The Ultimate Warrior is my all-time fav wrestler! Loved his entrance, music and his mask! He even has the mask design on the back of his trunks! Any idea where I can get to listen to his entrance theme again?? What about Ricky The Dragon Steamboat?? Was he the one with Elizabeth?
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    Town/Road Names

    Does anyone know where I can find information or history as to how a town or road got its name in Singapore? Do I look up the National Heritage Board, LTA or some other government dept?
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    Question on weight loss

    So you do go to a gym since u walk on a threadmill? If you do go to the gym, make full use of it's facilities, esp all the cardio machines. Let me know if you wanna know more abt using cardio machines. As mentioned earlier, do crunches instead of sit ups. It's also less stressful on the back...
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    Photography mission failures: Your experiences?

    Looks like I'm not alone... Here are some of my bad experiences... 1. My first trip to Melbourne abt 5 years ago. It was autumn and the temp was abt 10-20 degrees. My Minolta SLR freezed on me a couple of times. Like it was having mood swings. Missed some good photo opportunities and...
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    Call for Humorous/Interesting Signages

    The Holy Sheet chain of stores in Melbourne. This one's taken at the St Kilda branch.