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    Looking for makeup artiste

    Looking for makeup artiste to do shoots. Must be able to do natural look and/or simple hairdo. Pm or contact me at 98214788
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    WTSell: Others - Datacolor Spyder5pro

    Only one piece left!
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    WTSell: Others - Datacolor Spyder5pro

    Advertisement Category: Want To Sell (WTS) Equipment Type: Others Equipment Brand: Datacolor Equipment Model: Spyder5pro Price (S$): 200 each Description: Brand New unopened Spyder5pro. Sealed box. 2 pieces available. Price stated is per piece. Real Name: Kirk Condition of Item: Mint...
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    JINBEI Energon Inverter System :: Now available!

    The 3 outputs for this is all 240V?
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    Looking for MUA

    Looking for freelance MUA for projects. Upcoming test shoot on 4 Aug 3pm need one MUA on location. Simple natural makeup and hair. Those who just graduated from makeup school without much experience may apply. Paid but low budget. Contact me at 98214788 for clarifications.
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    Looking for food stylist

    I know. I am looking for a food stylist. I am doing the photography.
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    Looking for food stylist

    Looking for food stylist for a shoot to produce photos for pizza box packaging. Date of shoot not fixed yet. Please email your quotation and portfolio to me at or sms me at 98214788 Thanks, Kirk
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    Turf Belles 2012 - Singapore International Racing Festival

    Who's your friend? She did the event through her agency I suppose? The event co only got models through agencies I think. There was some complications behind the scenes which is not my perogative to divulge here in public. You can PM me if you want to know.
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    Turf Belles 2012 - Singapore International Racing Festival

    There was a winner but it was not publicised.
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    Looking for MUAs

    Looking for MUAs to work with for test shoots. Must be able to do natural makeup, blending, shading and toning. Basic hairstyling ability will be a plus point. Mostly outdoors. Abit low on budget though. Contact me at with your portfolio and contact if interested...
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    Looking for MUA for 18 and 19 Jun

    Looking for MUA for afternoon test shoots on 18 and 19 Jun. Need to be able to do natural makeup and basic hair. PM me your rates if available.
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    Fashion shoot with Angelia Q & Chen qian on 30th Jan,Sunday afternoon $28 only

    Although we appreciate the publicity, but as you did not book the model from us, I would advise you not to use our compcard. Crediting us AFTER you used the compcard without permission to publicise your shoot is still considered an infringement of our copyright. Hope you can replace the...
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    the electricity tariff for households will increase by 2.42%

    classic govt give a little (eg gst credits etc), "take back a lot" move. when oil price goes up, they let transport operators up fare and electricity tariff go up. when oil price goes down, i dun see any fare adjustment downwards and neither did electricity tariff go down. excuse is other costs...
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    ERP satellite tracking is an invasion of privacy.

    scary "big brother is watching" scenario.... kenna ****ed by govt so many times, all get used to it already hor If we hit the streets like the Hong Kongers, we all go to jail in Singapore.