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    True Fitness gym membership

    Hi.... anyone wanna take over my gym membership of True Fitness ? I have moved to a new condo, so I think I don't need this membership anymore. So sad that I need to leave the club which I have been a member since 2003, that time still with Planet Fitness. Please pm me for details. Thank you.
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    Macro lens

    Oh .... yeah, We already have the zoom lens. So many be the close up filter is a good option. You mention about Raynox DCR250, is it suitable for all kind of lens? Nikon or Canon? We need to just put the camera in station position, and capture the die deposit in our machine time by time, to...
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    Macro lens

    actually no need microscope, because in Japan they also use normal DSLR camera, only the lens is for macro I think ...
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    Macro lens

    Hi all .... Please apologize me if this is not the correct forum for posting my thread ... My laboratory need some macro shoots, hence need to use any macro lens. What is the macro lens that is advisable? It is to shoot some particle like sand deposit in our machine. 60mm or 105mm macro...
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    Indonesian Shooters In Singapore

    Hi .... gue indonesian juga loh :P
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    FORLINO - classic italian fine dining

    For those who love Italian food, I will recommend this new spot for nice ambience and good italian bistro. Located at One Fullerton, with breathtaking view facing Marina Bay. I go there during lunch .... and I can feel, it will be damn romantic during dinner, and I think they will enhance with...
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    Sandisc ... anyone?

    Sorry .... so is it Sandisk? The one that selling card readers. I m looking for Clubsnappers who is working there, who knows can get discount ....
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    Sandisc ... anyone?

    Hi .... anyone work with Sandisc company ? wanna ask something ....
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    recommended part time cleaner

    hi .... anyone with recommended auntie part time cleaner ? May be can help to PM me. I stay around tiong bahru area. Previously I have one auntie, but she got her permanent job already. Thanks ......
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    NEC laptop and Mac

    Hi ... Anyone using NEC laptop? Got offer NEC S3300-1817DRC, $1250, Intel Core Duo T5850, 3GB, 160 HD. How is their service ? For Mac, is it ok when I want to buy it at Funan? Heard many buy it from Epicentre. I have Microsoft Office XP, but can I install in to new Window Vista ...
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    Recommended House Mover

    Green logo ?? ehm...... they advertise only in Chinese newspaper? Try to look on the net, quite many, but don't know their services
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    Recommended House Mover

    Just wonder if you have any nice house mover ? May be can share since I am looking for one. Thanks a lot
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    Budget HDB Flat

    Hi .... Any idea where can search for whole HDB flat for rent with budget $1700-1800? Now I cannot afford living in town area anymore with the new rental surge extremely high.
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    Tenancy agreement : meaning ..? help

    Oh ... thanks a lot for some reply. The landlord has informed me about the tenancy ..... and oh my God, got the new offer almost 100% increase. My God ! which I definitely cannot afford. Despite these years we have take good care everything of the landlord properties and also we are very...
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    Tenancy agreement : meaning ..? help

    Actually we like to stay in our current place .... but one thing lor, scared of landlord increase price until we cannot afford. If landlord don't inform us two month in advance, then we can have an excuse when landlord want to increase price. Because current price already so expensive.