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    Leica no more under Schmidt soon?

    I wonder if Leica is going to have their own sales (direct under Leica Germany) or just changing distributionship to another company in Singapore? In is the later case I believe...which is sad for Schmidt they have been promoting Leica well in the country.
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    Leica no more under Schmidt soon?

    Come to think of it...under Schmidt or not...doesn't matter...since Leica stock for Schmidt is always too limited. It might be good if Leica take over the business themselves and able to provide more stock to their customers. CJ > just so that ppl don't get the wrong idea, the guideline...
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    Leica no more under Schmidt soon?

    Singapore is a tourist hub, I think tourist buying power is crazy...;p
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    The NEW Nikon D7000 or Nikon D300s ?

    Not sure how much is the difference in image quality, but holding both camera in hands, the D300s is definitely more appealing to me.
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    Sitex IT fair

    It is a good time to try out those gears that you don't have chance to touch and fiddles in shop. ;p
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    Any tripod vendors participating in SITEX 2010?

    Jusino Professional Tripod will be there. Launched and Distributed by Red Dot Photo.
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    Photo Clam: high end tripod ball heads from Korea?!

    chickenriceboy is Markin's distributor in Malaysia, what a shame that he posted such biased comment to bad name Photo Clam... :thumbsd:
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    I want 1! 5D2 thumbdrive

    Maybe should wait for their 4GB version. 2GB is too small capacity... (from this blog: 4GB version looks much nicer with USB on the lens instead of the camera:
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    Kelvin's Favourite Wedding Pics

    You are the best wedding photographer that I have ever seen so far...well done and keep up the great work! Your photo idea are simply amazing! Thanks for sharing!
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    Domke - still in demand?

    Canvas and Ballistic type, which one is more preferred? J series only have ballistic type right?
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    Domke - still in demand?

    I noticed that with the many new brands in the market - Think Tank Photo, Lowepro, Kata, etc., Cathay Photo although is the official distributor of Domke bag does not bring in as much Domke choice anymore. Is Domke bag a yesterday bag? Any new young photographers still like Domke? Which is...
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    40D error 99 help!!!

    seems like a common problem...I got the same problem...sent to Canon Japan and waiting for the return...
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    Buying from ShaShinKi (Malaysia)

    Thanks. Didn't realize my member ID is 190...yeah, joint Clubsnap during the early days... ;) On selected lenses only, upon customer request. :cool: smalltake, feel free to pm or email me at if you have any question. Thank you! :)
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    Artisan and Artist*

    Some products from A&A uses pig is not halal and not for muslim...