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  • hey man.. i saw your recent listing @ the NIKON B&S section. i'm not trying to buy anything, just want to say that i think the section you wrote abt blacklisting cheapskate offers & other jokers is great! you mind if i paraphrase ur lines for my future B&S threads?

    in any case, cheers & hope you enjoy your leica ;)

    Hi John(did i get your name wrong?),Thanks for answering my sms and waiting for me today at tiong bahru. Can't wait to play with my new toys....although we are in different camps but i hope to learn more from you when possible.

    forgot to intro myself. my name is chunkiat.
    Hi John,

    Do you know how much does Carl Zeis Macro T50 f2 and T100f2 cost? I saw from the forum you have purchased Zeiss 50 from OP.
    Thanks for your advised.

    Best Regards
    Deutsch Tan
    Hi, I would like to bit your lense at $500. Please let me know if someone offer higher than me. Thanks.
    I am from Malaysia, but I could go SG anytime if you agree to sell this lense to me.
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