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    Anyone here using P6 or Norita66?

    I have a friend using the Nortia 66 and another using a pentaconda If you go thru their Flickr streams you find photos from each camera. or for more examples from the Nortia or the Pentacon Six
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    Where to get Holga now?

    All the plastic lens models have B setting as well now and are more common than glass lens models.
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    Lets see some 'roids

    I will start of with a few double exposures from my 1200si ....
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    Share some MF photos ...

    a few from my Holga GN on Tri-X .... waiting on a Coolscan 9000 to turn up so I scan some more.
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    Basic Camera setup

    another pointless piece of dribble to get you post count up .....
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    Which Nikon DSLR are you buying in 2006?

    voted for the D200 as I need a second one :)
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    Konica-Minolta sold to SONY!--big news!!!

    Wonder if Sony will do the same and source from Tamron or Sigma since they already make lenses for the Minolta mount ....
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    Konica-Minolta sold to SONY!--big news!!!

    How lenses are KM still actually making these days and aren't the new KM kit lenses (17-35 and 28-75) at the moment made by Tamron ??? I thought with Sony they paid CZ just to use the name and T coating or are they made by Cosina Can't really see CZ making AF lenses just for Sony but then...
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    Nikon....Dark side.....

    except for the L lenses that are black ....
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    F-Mount DSLR User List

    ******************************** Welcome to Nikon F-Mount DSLR User List ******************************** ----------------- Nikon D2x ----------------- 1. glensky 2. BlueScreen (two D2x) 3. Andy Ho 4. lilredcube 5. andygohyf 6. CrazyFrame ----------------- Nikon D2H/D2Hs...
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    xxxger : how this 2 lens - 35-70 and 28-70 F2.8

    I already own the 20-35/2.8D so the extra money is going towards a D200 ....
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    xxxger : how this 2 lens - 35-70 and 28-70 F2.8

    I just went thru the same thing working out which one to get as well. The 28-70/2.8 costs AUS$2700 and the 35-70/2.8 is AUS$1050, so can you guess which one I ended up ordering ....
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    Film and Digital - Shoot Both?

    thats why I will be using it on the F6, I have tried it shooting some b&w (Tri-X pushed to 3200) and really liked the results I ended up with ....
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    Film and Digital - Shoot Both?

    Soon as my D200 turns up I will be using it along side my F6. I only own AF-D and AI-S lenses (which will get used on the D200) at the moment but am thinking of getting the DX 10.5/2.8 and will use it on both the D200 and F6 ....
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    Nikon 80-200 f2.8 or Nikon 70-200 f2.8

    prices are AUD$2200 for 58/1.2 and the 35/1.4 is AUD$550 so which one do you want or shall I just pick up both for you there also a 15/3.5 for $1150 and a 18/3.5 for $950, you want these as well :bsmilie:
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