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    D90 User Group

    Nikon D90 kit with 18-105mm VR---$1680(inc.gst) bundle 8G SDHC card ,lowepro bag...plus 3 section tripod and filter worth $25 is this worth buying?
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    http://www.supuzzle.com/ anyone can solve this?
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    strange enough that mob around evening time...people who got recalled sure @(#&@(&#()@ :D
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    any folks got recalled back ?
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    Where's the best buffet in Sg ?

    any folks try no signboard at the esplanade?
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    Recommended Hotel for Dinner

    can consider the line
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    S1/S2/S3 pics. thread

    hi, pls check here http://forums.clubsnap.org/showthread.php?t=277615
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    blackberry forum

    nobody using blackberry?
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    blackberry forum

    just wanna check if any folks know of a local blackberry forum?
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    Stefanie Sun Autograph Session 8th April '07

    judging for mthe statement u made, am sure u must be a professional using the most expensive DSLR. tell u what, why don't u show us your master piece?
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    Washing Machine

    yea, LG user here
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    Ben & Jerry

    for the B&J lovers out there ;p
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    Sports Hub: That horse-shoe shaped stadium

    they should built something like a dome shape with a roof that is able to close during wet weather
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    Mobile operators

    just curious, any nokia E61 users here ?
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    F31fd pics samples

    f31fd sure can give canon compact cam a run for their money
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