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    USA travel tips and discussion

    I am looking for any info abt driving a rented car from Canada to US and the necessary customs procedure. I am going to Calgary in Alberta. Canada in mid June and will be driving to Yellowstone, Grand Teton, Glacier National Park and Spokane and wonder if there are anything I should look out...
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    Anyone hit or dropped their camera/lens before?

    I'd dropped my 24-70/f2.8 from a height of 30 cm onto the kerb and it rolled into the drain during Singapore F1 2 years back. Only scratches on the lens, everything else ok - Thank goodness ! I once went on a shoot with my friend who threw a 50mm/f1.8 tome. I was standing on a ladder and saw...
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    5dii raw files with photoshop cs2?

    I was "forced" to upgrade to CS4 to process my 5D2 raw. So sad :(
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    Taking the plunge - 5DMK2

    Save like hell bro! I am almost there liao. My stash has reached 3k. Must tahan another month.;)
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    Did Car Insurance Premium go Up?

    Guys! Not really lah. My premium dropped by $100. I am insured by AIG and even claimed a big payout from cab company last year. I think you have to be older to get a premium cut. I am 40+
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    What's the min shutter speed you'd use if you were him.

    I think the photographer probably wet his pants
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    why your wife wants you to buy that new camera

    In local context, when my wife ever wants me to buy a new cam is probably because she has wrecked the car or bought something really expensive that she did not want me to know.
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    Canon EOS 50D - A Comprehensive Overview

    That is cheap! Will definitely be getting a 50D.
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    10m by 3m black cloth?

    Bro, you can check the curtain supplier for theatre or that sorts, surely they can find the cloth of your dimensions.
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    Kena Saman!

    Hahaha....The diamond lanes are great for speed.;) Yeah, I'm on holdays here for the last 3 weeks with my wife. We are staying relatives in Walnut Creek, CA and travelled up to Oregon. Now that we are coming home next week, we had better not step too hard on the accelerator.
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    Kena Saman!

    Agree with you. The entry and exit points are too close.
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    Kena Saman!

    Sorry to hear that. I am currently in the US and was driving 130 on Interstate 101 this afternoon and people still overtake me...:embrass: I was wondering why the Expressway in Singapore is that regulated or slow... Maybe the Gahmen could increase all the expressway speeds by at least 10km...
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    International driving license

    For US, you don't need an international license. I rented a car in San Francisco last Nov and a Singapore driving license will do just nice. ;)
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    Manchester United VI: TREBLE DREAM is ALIVE!!!

    Anyone heard of the defender Utd just signed from Liverpool? Heard he's a promising youth player.
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    if your gf/wife refuse to return your dry cabinet key, what will u do next ?

    Heheee..You can join my gang already...